Este patrón misterioso cube que la explosión podría llevar a 20,000 (btc crypto information eth xrp hoy).


Combo de diamantes
¡Ahorre 800 dólares! + Ahorre $ 500 adicionales con BTC o ETH

Combo de oro
¡Ahorre $ 500! + Ahorre $ 500 adicionales con BTC o ETH

Combo de plata
¡Ahorra $ 300!

Combo de bronce
¡Ahorre $ 200!





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Mi sitio internet: ¡aprenda a intercambiar criptografía como un profesional!
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25 comentarios

  1. for anyone that has not taken his class yet i highly recommend it, I have and he has taught me so much. I started off in crypto took it to the stock market using robin hood without steve it would not have happened. i started off with s small goal…to be able to trade enough to buy a brand new car in cash as of july 30th 2019 i made that happend by trading. Steve goes over so much in his classes he really has an amazing gift with explaining things out! steve u rock love you sir!

  2. Mannnnn I lost my last £700 yesterday. Was so going to pay for the course with profits but the market ended up doing the exact opposite to what youv bin saying this past month or so. So much for my crypto journey. Thanks for all the info and content regardless if I cant afford to get back into the market. Need more decent people like you in the world

  3. Glad I waited to reply. Looking forward to Wednesday’s update. Was $8000 somehow correct and why? $6000 still the next destination? Is Elliot Wave ABC correction coming into fruition? I appreciate your takes on all angles. I can also see how 95% lose money. Even for people who are patient. Today would have shaken a lot of hands out of the market if they were optimistic of something positive about to finally happen. Also, I’ve been wanting to learn about crypto and the emergence of quantum computing for some time. Google announced earlier this week they have achieved quantum computing abilities. Will this make current crypto on multiple levels obsolete? If so? Do you see something else taking current crypto’s place/role?

  4. Breached the 21 Day Weekly quite heavily AND hit nearly 8k which you did kind of scoff at Steve. Is it time to cut losses or are we expecting a bounce and close up above the 21 day weekly?

  5. Well, we have officially closed above the 21 week Moving Average. I think that means “We are off to the races”?
    However, the price is now squeezed to the bottom of a descending triangle… very bearish is set up. 🤨

  6. Bonus video-student-can you teach us about how to use all the indicators especially the new ones in the most effective way? Cant remember as Im about to review the instruction series again, but if its not in there can you also show us how to use the different moving averages to their utmost advantage. I get confused about how to calibrate the indicators as well if needed.

  7. Hi Steve, dedicated student and follower here. For the bonus class, my suggestion is an updated video about promising alt-coins in the near future, as the video in the classes showcasing different alt-coins is a bit outdated now.

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