¡Litecoin rompe la resistencia!


Litecoin está rompiendo por encima de la resistencia SMA 50 por primera vez en meses. En este resumen de precios LTC, discutimos qué debería hacer Litecoin para continuar con el impulso alcista.

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    22 Comentarios recientes

  1. What do you think will happen next? Will Litecoin stay above daily 50 moving average?

  2. crypto Eri dice:

    Hi Dan. I'm Eri, a member of the XRP community and work closely with the BITRUE exchange (currently handling 5% of world volume on XRP on average), and they are about to Add LTC to their Piggy Power Program. Can you DM me on twitter so I can give you details or go direct to Bitrue should you wish, to find out what is happening. I think it would be valuable to your LTC community and I thought of you. Been following you for well over a year. Thank you in advance. @sentosumosaba on twitter / or talk to Iris at @BitrueOfficial Very best. eri

  3. Benjijojo dice:

    We need volume to confirm! 🙂

  4. Juicy J dice:

    Been with u since early 2018 bro hang in there we’ll make it #patience

  5. still, price is WELL below where it should be and doesn't look like any significant movement for the market for a while.

  6. Hey Big Dan.. I like your setup... Nice Behind the Screen

  7. You have a gift for TA Dan that Litecoin call was spot on and youre not scared for the negative feedback you are gutsy. Bravo

  8. Bill Badiha dice:

    Crypto Savy called this

  9. buffalo1d dice:

    Unfortunately my may have to trade my LTC intp btc

  10. R James dice:

    Could there be something ‘brewing’?...tweet from a few weeks ago.

    johnkimofficial.com ⚡️Chief LTC Evangelist🌏
    I'm working on a bad@$$ project right now! Yes it's great for Litecoin. That's all your getting 🤭

  11. dan dan dice:

    The lower 60 was the best ever call!!!!
    No wonder why your channel is growing faster

  12. roadstar499 dice:

    Yes we will hit 80's then drop down to around 70's or so then pump to 125! I feel it baby! Go ltc!

  13. roadstar499 dice:

    Short and sweet...i likey....Go LTC! EOY ATH!

  14. Steve Butter dice:

    Ok Dan to me it looks like the 50 moving avg is just following whatever litecoin is doing and what’s controlling litecoin is people buying and selling all over the world at different times and at different amounts. What ever events are going on, or certain people are just gaining knowledge of crypto or whatever reason they decide to buy or sell. So my question to you is what comes first the 50 moving avg or litecoin?

  15. os235 dice:

    What's up Dan....what are your thoughts on this article from Forbes that just hit...pretty bearish for LTC:

  16. Brian Jones dice:

    Dan, I remember when you were saying LTC could go to low 60's.

    I had felt the same way at the time and sold a decent amount of Litecoin around $135.

    Anyways, not every trade is successful, but after being in the space for a few years, I finally feel like it's making sense (TA)!

    Anyways, thank you for always producing great content.

  17. Frank Sr. dice:


  18. Chris in FPV dice:

    I remember. You did say LTC could retrace to low 60's when we were over 140 and you were right!

  19. Bm X dice:

    I know you talked about the 60's... You were pretty right!! Good job!!! Watch you since a year, now.. Like your analysis

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