¿Están muertos los Altcoins?


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19 comentarios

  1. This could be the Great Washout of altcoins. I think the big money is/has decided which coins will survive and which will go to zero (95%). BTC, XRP, LTC I think will do ok. Tokens such as BAT, which is connected with the Brave browser, might be one to watch. KMD has great ideas but if it is not backed by big money it could be lights out for them. How sad is that? Difficult times but things may get far more difficult for most coins.

  2. Yesssssss! Love these vids! Keep em coming! I agree with your comments, however I get the feeling noobs next alt season will be buying up the cheapest coins thinking they'll get the biggest returns, but the more experienced investor who's been around since 2017 min will have a diff strategy.

  3. There is a parliamentary bill that was put forward last Friday by the Morrison government in Australia that will outlaw transactions greater than $10,000 in cash , gold or crypto’s , punishable with up to a 2 year prison sentence or a $25,000 fine. Apparently to help navigate out of the coming recession , with the use of deeply negative interest rates that will erode savings and purchasing power. This is a big move by the government in the war on cash and alternatives to fiat money .

  4. Its kind of sad that their is still no real blockchain adoption except BTC as store of value. Enjin is maybe close to it and thats it. There are project like KMD that do develop product as they promised but what good is tech if no one is using!?

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