que realmente creó Bitcoin


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Es uno de los rompecabezas permanentes de los tiempos modernos, y es un rompecabezas de la period digital, que creó la criptomoneda conocida como Bitcoin. Después de su lanzamiento en 2009, casi nadie había oído hablar de él, y cuando la gente comenzó a escuchar la palabra bitcoin, no muchos lo pensaron.

Ahora millones de personas lo usan y algunos de ellos han hecho una fortuna digital vendiéndolo. Creemos que todos escucharon la historia de Laszlo Hanekiz, quien pagó una gran pizza de Papa John's por 10,000 bitcoins en 2010, por un valor de $ 30. Si este hombre se hubiera aferrado a ellos, habría ganado simultáneamente $ 100,000,000. Recientemente dijo: "No me arrepiento. Creo que es genial ser parte de la historia temprana de Bitcoin". La pregunta es, sin embargo, ¿quién comenzó esa historia?

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  1. Do you believe bitcoin will only get bigger in the future? Do you own any?

  2. If you knew who started Bitcoin you wouldn't sleep at night. You would sell your Bitcoin fast and Bitcoin would be worth zero in a day!

  3. Satoshi Nakamoto is James Bowery of Shenandoah, Iowa, USA. If you Google the two selfsame personages together, putting a plus sign between their names, and patiently and exactingly read the bitcointalk thread, you will see.

  4. MZCQ dice:

    Nah just buy bitcoin at wish and the sell it trust me 100% works!

  5. Short answer: no one exactly knows

  6. A krüger dice:

    Only looking for male creators, not very intilligent. LOL i side joke.

  7. Mimi S dice:

    if you're the real creator, why would you wanna deny it?

  8. Marcus J dice:

    I've heard the theory that bitcoin was created by AI

  9. TEC Man dice:

    Bitcoin coin is a digital scam, it's as bad as the worlds fiat currencies.
    It will crash soon enough.

  10. Mihai Lazar dice:

    It was Linus Torvalds but shhhh don't tell people

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  12. Who are you? I am Nakamoto.

  13. Brenda Carls dice:

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  16. Robert dice:

    This video is obvious clickbait because NO ONE knows who created it. Ya’ll acting like those Bigfoot shows on Discovery Channel

  17. 50 cent created bitcoin
    I have proof

  18. Aleks Seb dice:

    0:13 that 666 on the bitcoin sure gave me some thought 11:47
    I know it's actually 999 purity.
    If the world transfers to bitcoin currency and no one can buy or sell without it and you will pay using a microchip in your right hand or forehead (probably prisoners), then I'm not participating in this.
    If that happens, then remember what I said. It's straight up from the book of Revelations.

  19. Joe Goins dice:

    It's really a 🐣 chick 😉

  20. 0:45
    Actually, it's closer to 200 billion. Please research more carefully

    Source: Google bitcoin peak price, nearly $20,000 per coin

  21. Nakamoto was taken and killed by ruleers of the central banking system

  22. Satoshi Nakamoto: I Want To Create Something That Will Shook The World And Keep All Of It's Origins In Secrets. It Would Be Fun To See How Everyone Will Be Dumbfounded!
    Cicada 3301: Together, We Shall, My Friend.
    Both: They Won't Know What Hit 'Em! *Failed Killer Laugh* *Coughing Intensifies*

  23. tallo hake dice:

    maybe satoshi nakamoto is like kazuo ishiguro. he moved to UK when he was a child.

  24. freddy faygo dice:

    Aye mayne say mayne Tap in for them Btc wallets👨🏾‍💻

  25. Craigh Wright? Are you guys serious? hahahaha

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