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  1. Not a financial advisor or accountant, but this is as I understand it.

    Right now, trading Bitcoin for individuals who are not companies operating as a business, is classed the same as spread betting – gambling. I even read the guidance on the HMRC website. There is a point at which, if you clearly made loads of money trading, it may get the attention of tax authorities. It is far too complicated to try and tax people on something that is as volatile as cryptocurrency and could go to zero. People say that trading cryptocurrency is not gambling because they do technical analysis and has fundamentals. Well, so does two football teams, but can people predict the results? If people are taxed on cryptocurrency trading but not gambling then there is inconsistency.

    Unfortunately for you, you claim to be a professional investor who does it for a living – ha ha 🙂 .

    As a limited company it is more about just applying common sense. All income in say, BTC is only assessed at the point you have to submit your accounts. So, you have to take a certain amount of BTC and convert it to fiat to calculate the tax owed. If at year end, you had 10BTC. Sell exactly the amount needed to cover the corporation tax costs. If after submitting tax, the fiat value doubled, can the taxman come after you for money? Of course not, in exactly the same way if your house doubled in value. The only point at which is when any gain in value is realised (when you sell).

    Year one, company earns 10BTC – when realised it is worth £100k. Corporation tax is £19000. 8.1BTC remaining.
    Year two, company earns 10BTC – when realised it is worth £200k. Corporation tax is £38000. 16.2 BTC remaining.

    Year three – company closed down. Whatever the value of the 16.2 BTC minus tax is what you retain. It is a kicker that what could happen is, the time at which you decide to realise the profit could be the peak price and then it drops. This is why it can make sense for companies to realise their profit through the year when the asset price is lower. This is what investment banks do. They constantly monitor profit and loss to try and work out when to realise p&L. If you can write off losses this reduces tax further.

    In the US, I definitely think they are treating people as companies. This is a disaster for people as they are not as strict as companies. Many people have not kept enough realised profits. Other people have bought products directly with Bitcoin which is the same as "realising" profit. Strictly speaking, the people selling those products are companies and they should pay tax.

    To really highlight the point. Imagine you bought 1 BTC. It was worth £1000. During the year, it went to £1 million. You hodled it and the value is priced today at zero. Are you on the hook for £999,999 tax? No way.

  2. Besides being persistent and always keeping faith in the blockchain technology, one major factor to making life changing gains from crypto is understanding the trends and working closely with it. Following the circle, the asset is headed for $13,000 and eventually $16,000 before the full blast of the bullish move and i am not taking chances by accumulating as much as i can while being guided by the professional aid (daily trade signals) of Evan Winter. Having bought just 2 btc at $8,200 and held a little i started trading using his signals and have grown my portfolio to over 10btc. A competent guide by all ramifications is all it takes to be a profitable trader and Evan is one of such competent hands that has made an impact in the crypto spaces. He can be contacted on ([email protected]) for any crypto related assistance.

  3. You need to fire your accountant mate, if what you have said on this video is how he interprets that tax should be applied to bitcoin I wouldn't be surprised if your tax return is wrong. Firstly you need to segregate your bitcoin activity between investments which are subject to Capital Gains tax, and income from business activity that is treated as liable for Corporation tax on profits if you have incorporated a Limited Company in the UK. Any income you draw personally is then subject to tax as either Dividends and/or Income.

    Bitcoin makes preparing annual accounts a nightmare, because the value of bitcoin received into a company can fluctuate violently day to day.

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