Caída de precios de Bitcoin en pánico por dispositivos cuánticos, falla de Bakkt, salida de mineros


Bitcoin cayó bruscamente debido al pánico por la computación cuántica, el fracaso de bakkt y el temor de que los mineros se fueran. $ 50 free of charge Bitcoin Blockfy

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    46 Comentarios recientes

  1. Jan Rooi dice:

    These projects Credit sign in on their exchange Terracex and their telluspay app the future of banking , Wavesbet the future of gaming, Apollo the all in one currency, U Network the future of social media, BABB everyone has the right to have a bank account and Cardano the best team ever assembled are definitely one of the winners of the next bull run wich is imminent to happen soon, because of their great features.

  2. Eithan Ford dice:

    love you might

  3. Little Johny dice:

    You Are The Man

  4. tomer ramos dice:


  5. Roberto Lima dice:

    if you cant handle at 99,9 percent drop - you dont deserve a 10 percent increase.

  6. busymountain dice:

    The quantum computer may not be able to crack blockchain but figuring out how to get into our wallets is another matter.

  7. Bitcoin will use quantum computing - might take a hard fork though.

  8. David Zee dice:

    Oh and our individual electromagnetic field history.

  9. David Zee dice:

    QC pcs - why in the future we will use our DNA w private keys.

  10. Keith Miles dice:

    People are trippen over this "quantum computing" come on people. You know what, better yet, for the ones who can't take news within going all crazy PLEASE sale off and in about 2 years, you be like OMG I sold wtf... damn come on...

  11. Thumper Nats dice:

    There is no zone of of support Lark, I disagree. The only excuse for Bitcoin to be at 8k is because of no demand. It will continue to decline.. I always suspected once Wall Street got involved Bitcoin was as doomed as a virgin on a date with Rod Stewart. I'm holding what I have for now but will no longer add.

  12. Apparently, from what I understood from the CEO of DWave, Qubit processors running at absolute zero degree kelvin are able to effectively use quantum entanglement to multiply processing by accessing millions of other qubit in other dimensions. Imagine your Laptop CPU could be parallel processing with it's millions/billions of other version of itself in millions or billions of alternate dimensions in the multiverse......which besides being freaky as fk, probably explains the high error rate as the versions of the chips in the other dimensions are trying to do the same perhaps at the same time.

  13. What if you use a quantum computer to mine bitcoin lol

  14. John Pesente dice:

    2048-bit RSA requires roughly 4096 qubits while a quantum computer to break the equivalently secure 224-bit Elliptic Curve Cryptography requires between 1300 and 1600 qubits Yes this is not bitcoins 256 bit, nor the same math, but its the closest information I could reasonably find.

  15. khaosoi dice:

    SHA256 is not encryption, it is hashing

  16. J. D. dice:

    Nothing to do with the fantasy of quantum computers, it's just the big wall street players everyone said they wanted in this market. These guys manipulate the hell out of traditional "regulated" markets, crypto must feel like being a kid given keys to the toy store.

    Don't say people didn't warn the crypto crowd that big mainstream money was ALWAYS bad news for this space!

    Also don't forget, if the global elite and ultra rich cannot control BTC they absolutely WILL try anything and everything to attempt to destroy it and hold it back. I've ZERO doubts about that. This latest massive dump is part of it. If they can scare the average retail investor to panic sell their stake in what could be a new store of value to get more for themselves they will.

  17. Norman M. dice:

    the problem with btc or any coin adapting in the future (quantum or any threat) is the lack of governance which could result to infighting , turmoil and forks. there are several crypto with governance and I think there is only one that is truly decentralized.

  18. paul potato dice:

    dont like the risk...prefer to hodl my 5 btc

  19. genghis dice:

    still my favorite guy for crytop

  20. Twig dice:

    The paper was leaked, and not leaked at the same time!

  21. It’s shocking .. you all are shocking the world.

  22. Peter dice:

    Quantum or not, there's a maximum 21 million #BTC supply and most of this is already circulating. Fact. Buy #BTC and buy #NXS

  23. I said weeks ago that Bitcoin WILL fall to about $8560.00 at least before another major rally, it all in the charts.

  24. Supur Man dice:

    07:14 "Google has reached Quantum Supremacy, threatening the future of
    BlockChain. Thats it Guys; thats it. Sell now - Short this Ponzi to the ground.
    The new Paradigm of Money is over...we're done." 12:51 Bitcoin will adapt;
    because it has to. ps: (long live Larks other Flamboyant Shirts)

  25. Mr T dice:

    That guy is Xerxes from 300

  26. stefan c dice:

    It fascinates me that all you youtubers out there all trying to find reasons for every price fall,meanwhile talking about price manipulation,but fails to understand that the powers that be cant print hundreds of billions of dollars in a blink of an eyep,and slowly bleed out the crypto space. Its not like they want to loose control, or that they have not heard of crypto...I bet the biggest holders are the same bastards "shit talking" it on international media...

  27. Crypto Matt dice:

    too funny, the guy who won the giveaway did not like the previous video.

  28. Amiris Brown dice:

    I think the hashrate drop was due to the raids, yeah -- but they got turned back on so they just moved it seems

  29. Yung Content dice:

    I told everyone the bears haven't left. Gotta stop calling this Ponzi a bull market

  30. John OBrien dice:

    another great session great info and great comunnity

  31. lol your a loser if ya think its from quantum

  32. Adding more sats to the bag! If it goes to mid 7's I will back the truck up!

  33. Jason Jammin dice:

    Finally some good news for me.Im waiting on some money.Greedy me I guess.

  34. Blue Fig dice:

    Lark you are one of the most sensible people in the space. Is there a price that you wouldn’t buy BTC at? Meaning would you still buy BTC if it was at $15K?

  35. Mike Flow dice:

    bro addy aka Jean-Luc Picard ??

  36. Quantum computers model non-deterministic processes such as chemical reactions. The outcomes are random whereas digital computers calculate deterministic process. Encryption is deterministic and I don’t see how quantum computers have any advantage over digital computers for breaking encryption. A easy to use payment interface (with lightning) would drastically increase acceptance

  37. Steve Device dice:

    Gimme them sweet sweet quantum ASICS.. Just me though, nobody else should have them hahaha

  38. Jay Dee dice:

    Just another day in Bitcoin. It will rise soon enough. Buy Bitcoin. 💪🏆

  39. cefrio dice:

    8:09 NASA= Never A Straight Answer 🤷🏾‍♂️ good vid as always mr Davis

  40. mikey scott dice:

    hey Lark great episode re the quantum apparently gone a little further too hope the devs are up to date with this all

  41. stevein Uk dice:

    Quantum computing news post was all fud and guess what it worked thanks to your lot scaring the retail peeps well done hope you made some money from it

  42. You should hang snowden's picture as well. But I guess you don't want to get into an 'accident'

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