Los 10 mejores juegos basados ​​en películas, libros, and so on.


Tom, Zee y Sam comparten sus diez juegos favoritos basados ​​en IP, ya sea una película, libro, videojuego, and so on. !!

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23 comentarios

  1. so batman game has the worst rulebook and it is still a good game and you tell people to lets just power through the rulebook cause its worth it, but for Hunt for the Ring you basically shit on the game because of the rulebook, nice one Sam

  2. I couldn't disagree with LOTR Journeys more. There's no theme there Tom, nothing that matches the themes of the books at all.

    Villainous, on the other hand, should've been much higher on your list. There are few games that mix the theme with mechanisms as well as Villainous does.

  3. To be fair Tom, how can you tell Zee that D.C. Deckbuilding Game has NO theme because you can play the exact same game with other characters and theme – while putting Dice Masters on your list? You could build any set of characters/story into a Dice Masters set/game. The play is the same.

  4. Make a Top 10 Spin Off Games, where you only include games that are losely based on other games but quite different (no "the card game" or "the dice game", etc.). So Founders of Gloomhaven is in, but Istanbul the dice game isn't.

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