Análisis de Altcoins | Mi revisión de las three monedas principales


# Bitcoin # Cifrado # Cifrado de moneda
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29 comentarios

  1. 1.KNC- Deflationary token with a proven use case and an excellent team of devs with assistance in its design by Vitalik himself.
    2.MKR- Deflationary token with strong presence in DeFi and the favored stablecoin (DAI) of Ethereum dApp devs.
    3.ENJ-More of a risky play as it's still unclear what kind of market fit DLT will find in regards to gaming/NFTs, but the Enjin team are great builders/pragmatists and the ENJ token used to create items (NFTs) is taken out of circulation therefore decreasing supply.

    I'm a big fan of tokens with established or compelling future use cases combined with a deflationary supply. Too many great projects (LINK for example) have too much of the supply not on the market, that room for inflation can destroy any sort of appreciation you might see from a project.

  2. Out of the three you mention only one I'm bullish on is BAT because I actually use the browser and the tokens. The other two I might start scoping the charts for entries but I'll stay cautious because I don't know enough about Link or Rvn to trust a penny of my money investing in.

    There will be a time for select alts again, but i don't think '17's insane alt market where every crappy project was pumping just because. Most retailers are so burned by alts they want nothing to do with them, to say nothing for institutions who ate mostly focused on BTC.

    Alts are a HUGE risk, HUGE reward.

  3. The problem with your oil thesis is that most of production costs are around $60 barrel, and none of the US basins are economical at $40. The supply will dwindle if it goes lower than that for a long time.

  4. Totally agree about the future of solar and EV's. Interesting that you like uranium – I think the biggest concern here is safety. Do you really believe we can prevent another Chernobyl or Fukushima disaster in the future?

  5. @nick would you mind checking out a project called Pi network? Quite an interesting concept, mining Pi coin with a mobile phone via app. Purpose, to bring crypto revolution to everyday People. Its growing and coming close to an end of beta stage. I would realy love Your input on this. Web page is

  6. Appreciate your videos but this totally ignores Climate Change accelerating & the effect on sentiment towards oil & gas which will occur as a result these massive events becoming even more ridiculous … Talking about oil & gas in 2030 & 2040 ??

  7. Longs
    Big on defi n gaming!
    Zrx Mesh network will be big!
    Link is climbing the top dapps “gas”
    Enj just doesn’t stop building n their Samsung connection is going to be big
    Mkr potential is huge
    Omg is to important to fail!
    Bat will be partnered with or Acquired in some way!

  8. Hi Nick, what is your opinion about Bloomberg's article of 28th of August 'The Big Short's Michael Burry Sees a Bubble in Passive Investing'?
    If I understand correctly with marginal knowledge about the subject, it is about everybody rushing into ETF's (for the long term) to get a diversified portfolio, but meanwhile etf capital is much higher than underlaying equities or bonds, which according to the article can create a massive bubble.
    I'm curious, how do you think about this? 😊

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