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    42 Comentarios recientes

  1. Da Cheez dice:

    Personally not looking forward to Archaeology.

  2. 92VXEG dice:

    Take out stone spirits and replace them with adrenaline crystals please 😉. Harder bosses like Nex shouldn't still be dropping trash stone spirits. Now you're introducing adrenaline crystals so why not?

  3. J Cruyff dice:

  4. aaron green dice:

    Whose this Shauna girl? L. Bye bye

  5. Might want to put your mtx in check glamflex...idc what you put in you're going to lose more players than you bring in because of mtx
    Also, if I were you I'd start trying to keep mods rather than letting them go or forcing them out .
    The player base build relations with these guys and tossing them out while mtx' in the shit out of players is starting to boil over.

  6. James Young dice:

    Woooooo!!!! Let's Play RuneScape!!!!!!!!

  7. voldmerot dice:

    Enough already!...Where is RuneScape mobile you fuckfaces?

  8. IIBANDOSII - dice:

    awww man, seeing shauny tear up got me going! i was a bit annoyed at the fact shauny annouced leaving jagex, not at him though. There has been a tonne of Mods leaving jagex recently, and it has worried a LOT of people in the community. The only solace from Shauny leaving is that it isnt because of the company or where its going, but from his growth as a person and in his career, which is quite comforting.

  9. i heard something about a discord? is that a open discord? ifso can i get a invite plz would love to chat with some of u

  10. I need to say this..

    Back when Shauny FIRST started doing the streams I made a comment (without knowing him or his personality) that he was not good at being a host and we needed someone different or something along those lines (it was a negative comment directed at him) and that hopefully we would get a different host...

    Well Shauny,

    I can tell you as the days went by.. Months turned into years that I had made a mistake. I wanna say i'm sorry if you ever read the comment (I've deleted it already) you have not only turned into one of my FAVORITE Jagex staff but the man who was the voice for us players. I've learned over the years you are a great person with a fantastic personality who loves this game, His co-workers and its players.. You will be missed by more people than you will ever realize. I wish you the best of luck on your future goals and with your family..

    Oh and last but not least..

    Thank You.

  11. Where's he going I wonder

  12. Bye shauny gutted your leaving take care and good luck in the future =)

  13. Wtf, no Halloween event?

  14. 15 year+ player here. The game is loaded with dead content this new skill is a bandaid on a severed artery. Your community is upset about MTX you ignore them. Dungeoneering is all but dead even on w77 Castle wars dead pest control dead soul Wars dead clan wars dead dual arena dead wilderness dead. You split your community in half with old school and continue shovel s**t into the faces of people who didnt make the switch because they have played rs3 for years and didnt want to lose their progress. I'm finding it harder and harder to care about this game anymore and the worst part is I see people asking for solutions on reddit on Twitter and even the DEAD forums suggestion page and all we hear from Jagex...crickets..........

  15. So far, jagex have lost mod meadows, mod shauny, lost mod lee, mod ronin. The absolute disgusting state of upper management. As an ex employee myself in 2012, I too faced this shite and know exactly what they are going through. You really need to cull upper management with extreme prejudice as the staff are leaving in DROVES because you fucking suck!

  16. zan 27 dice:

    yow MORONS why did you remove price check and wealth evaluator on mobile?

    MTX making your employees FAAATS

  17. Have a great time shauny! you will be missed!

  18. Jasonx7900 dice:

    I love how basically they drop 3 new 120 skills on us basically telling all us comp cape holder "we don't give a shit about you get fucked and spend 3 more years getting it back!" lol truly ridiculous oh unless we give you piles of our real world money via MTX right? ha what a joke how about you take a tiny bit of that dev budget and fix the requirement to get music from dead mini games no one plays! honestly I've supported RS through a lot but I think this might finally end it for me.

  19. LDC dice:

    Gonna miss you shauny. You are one of the best people I have ever had the honour to watch in these Q&A's. You have a great personality always putting a smile on my face, making me laugh and I wish you all the best.

  20. Rory dice:

    I may be in the minority but I would love to see elder overloads unlocked via making the previous teir of overload, maybe a 1/200 chance? or 1/100. could have a notice such as 'with your experience in making this potion you find room for improvement'.

  21. Adam_E dice:

    Shauny will be missed greatly. The community has been taking a battering recently with Mod Lee, Meadows & now Shauny leaving.

  22. RoobinHood dice:

    @RuneScape Please Do Readable Months Like horses or Dragons Mountables 🙂

  23. Linkolnverse dice:

    Boss Portal seems like a useful tool, but... if everyone gets to use it, why make it at all?
    Unless we do a bossing hub, then yeah.

  24. When is the farm/herb update coming?

  25. TheBinge dice:

    Can we please get information on why so many mods are leaving or being let go? Usually not a good sign when you see a huge turn over in a company and I feel it'd be nice to be assured about the game/company's strength to keep surviving.

  26. Lil HR dice:

    Gutted shauneys leaving 😢😢

  27. chuck nukem dice:

    Panic buy dragon picks!!!

  28. Bring back the capital of zaros! Bring senntistan city to rival priff!

  29. Lauched at you in the start shauny but youre the best. WHOLESOME 100!!

  30. Topher Lions dice:

    so much wrong in this game and yet they just stack more and more content. STOP!

  31. Colton Smith dice:

    Gotta give us more bank spaces with this new skill or you will undo the free spaces given in the bank rework.

  32. When is runescape 3 gonna be released on mobile for none members?

  33. Framed dice:

    Someone use an Uno reverse card on Shauny please

  34. Ruben Nys dice:

    Mod warden seems like a genuine staightforward guy, hope it'll work out. Also bye Shauny, we'll miss you!!

  35. I love how they gave us literally zero information on what the 9 slots will do for invention. Allow me to give you some quotes.

    "With the 9 slots open it doesn't just mean when you add 4 more nox comps the value of each comp is now less but you have more variety but the overall value is higher."

    "so it will open up the higher tiers?"

    "But It doesn't just give you a free pass then."

    "It's still going to be your top end invention kinda, stuff."

    ?!?!?!?! Is this a conversation in English? Are you mods secretly lizard people who struggle with words. I mean I never believed alex jones before this...

    Why not say "Yeah, 9 nox comps give you biting 4 " or "No, 9 nox comps don't give you biting 4 but what you can do is 5nox + 4 imbued for biting 3 crackling"

  36. Louise Brown dice:

    Archaeology sounds Great!! 😁 will miss Mod Shawny 😓

  37. Bob Dylan dice:

    I just dont care until you address microtransactions breaking the balance of the game across the board. You guys didn't even make a statement. Its pathetic. This ain't gunna save the game. 20k people online at peak times is pathetic. Leaps and bounds worse than its ever been. Worse than after the removal of free trade, worse than after eoc. And that doesnt tell you anything?? I know you guys arent that oblivious. None of this is going to bring anyone back faster than people are leaving. And this time it has NOTHING to do with bots

  38. Trommari dice:

    Are some sites locked if you haven't done a particular quest that unlocks the area?

  39. R3prieve dice:

    We will remember you Shauny. Especially with the way he pronounces "awwrk".


  40. we need a goebie statue named shauny in game

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