LITECOIN Precio más bajo: ¿se está reproduciendo SUB 100 LTC?


Litecoin Tweets @ 1:25
Gráficos de Litecoin (compré LTC) a las 3:30 p.m.
Gráfico mensual a las 5:00
Gráfico semanal y la próxima vez que compre 7:40
Gráfico diario a las 15:25
Gráfico de four horas a las 19:45

El precio de Litecoin ha disminuido y no nos sorprende en absoluto. Sabíamos que al menos un movimiento alrededor de $ 100 LTC period possible. En este video, lo estoy actualizando con algunos análisis técnicos de Litecoin. Este es un viaje por carretera de criptomonedas y Litecoin a lo largo de ese viaje.

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El precio de Litecoin hace otro movimiento fuerte por delante de Bitcoin. En este análisis técnico de video, hablamos sobre LTC y lo que podríamos ver a continuación por el precio LTC.

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Crypto Capital Enterprise es excelente en Litecoin, pero también cubre noticias de criptomonedas más LTC solamente. El mercado de criptomonedas está en aumento y con la creciente demanda de información sobre los mercados de criptomonedas.

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    45 Comentarios recientes

  1. Litecoin tweets @ 1:25
    Litecoin charts (I bought LTC) @ 3:30
    Monthly chart @ 5:00
    Weekly chart & when I will buy next @ 7:40
    Daily chart @ 15:25
    4 hour chart @ 19:45

  2. Do yourself a favor don't listen to this fools advice. LTC is a SHIT COIN. Charlie Lee is a FUCKING CROOK!

  3. crypto lite dice:

    i need more litecoin 🙂

  4. kloviaclinks com tools is such a incredible hacker that sent me $10,000

  5. Roger Strom dice:

    Greatest Show On Earth. The Best And Only One You Need For Crypto .

  6. skmanunited dice:

    bought some at 97 on its way back up. saw it fell to 95 and change but didn't pull the trigger. just happy I bought be fore it crossed 100 again. great advice.

  7. TheGerogero dice:

    I have to admit, getting into cryptos I thought I was not very risk averse, but quickly learned that discipline is going to be important.

  8. Patrick Kang dice:

    first day chart cup and handle target is 180, 2nd bigger cup and handle target if formed, is ~$275

  9. Shogun dice:

    Glad I found your channel, I was going to buy @105.00 but now I can see your load zone and I will wait till that hits. Thanks for the awesome analysis.

  10. Thanks, your ideas are appreciated. I'm watching for the dip below 95 for me to buy more LTC.

  11. How does gravity pull something up? 🤔😉 I get what ya mean. Just couldn't resist asking.
    Keep up the great job. This is the best crypto channel.

  12. Keep the good work up Dan.
    Haters gone Hate
    LTC to the 🚀

  13. Armani Webb dice:

    Lol been in crypto for over 2 years, I woke up today and saw LTC at $105 I was like YES now I can buy more for less. I look at people comments they scared! Lmao sell me your crypto I'll buy it and ride the correction up. I'm not scared I'm kicking myself in the ass for all the dozens of times this happened over the years and I sold out of fear when I should have been buying smh I learned now

  14. Yay Litecoin is falling down im so ready buy more!👍

  15. Michael K dice:

    I was enjoying the 120s

  16. Dan, thanks for keeping us level headed!

  17. If you compare this halving and previous halving, are we likely to see another 3 year consolidation before a bull run ?

  18. Kunga Nam dice:

    People waiting for LTC to drop so they can buy more, but when it drops they are scared to buy wtf lol

  19. Ali Yousef dice:

    Dan, you should create a discord please!

  20. Frank Sr. dice:


  21. You keep it as real as possible! I Watch your videos for that reason. I’ll watch your buddy bitcoin Ben for the extreme hype videos lol

  22. EUGENE dice:

    Mad respect for this guy man!

  23. Ali Yousef dice:

    By far one of the best TA guys out in youtube. Thanks for your vidoes!

  24. Appreciate your work Dan! Keep it up! Definitely accumulating on the dips!

  25. Baseball22 dice:

    Always great content, thank you!

  26. Erik dice:

    I'm new in cryptocurrency and bought LT at the top $135. I stepped out today because I don't wanted to wait at $85 level. I think you're right that we may go lower and then I try it again. Stupid I know

  27. Looking at the charts now and crazy shadow down to 71 USD on the 4 hr! Who caught that and bought more? Ahh just saw the end of the vid.. yeh the kraken chart. Mental!

  28. DrSnausage dice:

    RSI is 25 on the 4 hr graph....oversold!

  29. Chris Lynch dice:

    Man, even in the middle of a big move you take the time to shoot us an in depth update on LTC..Dan the man!! Hope the move is going well.

  30. Jm3600 dice:

    Great videos man. I learn so so much from you. Thanks for the analysis! I’m ready to ride

  31. H2o Pro dice:

    Thanks Dan, I value your TA ...has helped me, as well as my daughter who's been accumulating ltc with her baby sitting $...

  32. Bobby8270 dice:

    I got completely out of LTC 2 weeks ago. Charlie lee said we should own at least 1 btc before buying LTC. I’m glad I took his advise this time. Btc is the DADDY.

  33. Missed sub 100 USD cus my alerts didn't go off!! But bought some more at 108 USD.

  34. That's a good sign to short, hopefully you won't be HODL'ing through losses when you could be shorting for profit

  35. I added to my bitmex long position on LTC when LTC dropped. Average cost is 0.0095. Yesterday sold some LTC for BTC. We are also close to the all time low of LTC/BTC. I think the downside in minimum.

  36. Brian Jones dice:

    Thanks for all you do Dan! We never I question sentiment or need another opinion, I watch your videos and you do a really great/thorough job!!!

  37. Charlie Lee said on the Daily Hodl yesterday that the halving was priced in. I would dump this coin.

  38. Nice Rides dice:

    Poor light coin it was the 1st crypto I'm vested in and it's going under

  39. Outstanding thanks Dan!

  40. The problem is that people have no patience to wait and buy/sell at the right time, thanks god we are in a bull market so people can afford to make mistakes, having said that your followers should be told that there is a reason why stop losses are so useful, pity you never talk about it
    Nothing to complain against you but the opposite, you are proving once again right, as u did I also bought a bit of ltc although i have got the feeling LTC will go under 100, time will tell
    I enjoy your videos talking about dips, during a bull market are the most relevant pull backs are the most important target to time
    Thumbs up again!
    Note: Once we discussed about the $91 as a target

    The 91 maybe a support area to accumulate, just a gut feeling

  41. David Watts dice:

    Litecoin might be leading the way down.

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