Bitcoin a $ 8,000 en septiembre? El | Altcoins repite patrones similares a la historia


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  1. DataDash dice:

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  2. Nyem Uwa dice:

    What are your thoughts on Tokoin? It's a pretty good buy I think as I have gotten consistent profits from it. It would be great to see you do a review.

  3. Try some medical cannabis for your back. An indica

  4. guys don’t blow all your savings on trading if you don’t have the right information on earning from these is tricky and painful when you lose money so i urge you to be careful..and someone had do say it!!

  5. Who is winning the trade war with China (20:45)? Nobody wins when everybody loses.

  6. I don't see anything to worry about regarding the 21 week moving average (4:51). It continues to go up while the BTC price continues to consolidate. The 21 week moving average will continue to rise. BTC price can continue to consolidate. They can meet with the BTC price not needing to go down at all. I see it as a reason for optimism.

  7. Marla Singer dice:

    When video about Blackmoon and its Gram listing?

  8. The XLM airdrop is not open for everyone 🙁

  9. Linc Cannon dice:

    Nick, I love your stuff but in talking about alt-coin cycles, it seems to me that an important component is missing, i.e. why would anybody buy 97% of alt-coins just because they are cheap, when most of them will eventually be worth nothing? For example, I bought ETHOS for 50 cents in summer of 2017, watched it go to $10 at the peak of the retail FOMO and since then has gone down to 7 cents. So does that mean that ETHOS is now a great bargain and I should buy back in? I don't think so... So I understand the technical analysis and charts, but I don't understand why would any serious investor - other traders making plays on FOMO in the marketplace if/when it happens - would make meaningful investments back into alt coins. The exception might be some of the top coins - Ethereum, EOS, NEO, Litecoin, others - but even with those the realization of meaningful use and adoption (and return on investment) is a long way down the road.

  10. Geno V dice:

    I'm curious to see the fluctuation when new tariffs come out.

  11. #Bitcoin hitting below 8k$ will really make me happy and would give me a better chance to scoop more and more #bitcoin for myself. All thanks to my #Tokoin trading activities on #Kucoin which is against #USDT, I am definitely on the safe side once #btc starts tanking.

  12. Aaron Jupp dice:

    sorry posting under different acct, always love the show and content . I just got back from living abroad in Asia, spending time in TL, Viet, JP, Sing, HK, Cambodia, Laos, China, and living amongst a LOT of Russian, and Korean and EU citizens (many Russian and Westerners not american just like myself returning home due to rising costs and home offering better ammenities for the money as everyones currecny is falling). China is WINNING and WILL win the trade war because of 3 reasons. Or the way i see it

    1. The USD is RISING compared to EVERYONE ELSES currency, so the pain china is feeling is only in the US and remember it now has a larger middle class than the US economy so it is its own biggest market now the US is number 2. The US is feeling the pain in EVERY nation being the global reserve. (or the last currency to fall). Additionally corporations cannot simply move to Vietnam or Thailand, the quality and knowledge for high end is just not there, nor are the production means. Only basic products could be moved to say Africa or Vietnam etc..

    2. China holds 80%plus of rare earth mineral rights and refinery sites, pulling this trigger would grind the US to a halt and force the US to literally default, or start a REAL war (its the only reason they havent done this). and they still have an option to dump USD debt bonds.

    3. With the digital Yuan coming out in November , don't forget what i stated earlier about EVERYONE ELSE dropping in currency value except the USD (' & Baht Which is a massive issue coming in TL but a whole different story) - you can confirm this just by looking at gold prices. This means approximately 3.5 BILLION PEOPLE around the world in november will get instant access via wepay, tencent, alipay and so on... (Even western corporations like Applepay are allowed to apply) billions of people get instant access to QR scan and shop in a STABLE currency with zero banking fees as it comes directly from the CIIB in a 1 to 1 ratio to the consumer, NO FEE! just an optional local currency conversion fee SET by the CIIB (so they ensure it's kept at a standard exchange for everyone and no company can rip off any client or they lose the ability to distribute it)

    So if you think Tether and China and Russia are doing well with 1 billion a month between the 2 nations, just wait until the yuan is able to be converted back and forth to local currency for free (or a fraction of a percent and the trades opened and closed in seconds by dozens nations (including the ENIRE SCO nations for starters which are 46% of the worlds economy and 90% of the Ecommerce economy) and thousands of corporations over multiple choices of social platforms media platforms as pament methods!
    Business incorperate payments into online chats, and money payments are opend and closed in seconds worldwide without banks!
    People probably wont even bother calling it yuan! (it will be jus wepay, applepay international, alipay blah blah blah...

    But China will have successfully created a world dominating currency without the "rules or burdens" that apply to a banking recognized global currency!!!

    It's just how i see it unfolding and also why the US is so stuck in the past and intent on bank protection (looking backwards), when old allies like, the EU and even UK are looking at digital reserve currency options... The old empire is falling, but at a cost to us all....

  13. Daniel Jones dice:

    Honestly i like this video man .You can still make so much money despite the current fall in bitcoin .For me,I knew the price will run up more, then bleed off and go lower than current lows... Then as it goes higher, Its more like a time pattern , so i am sure that bitcoin will rise, for now all we need to do is invest what we’re Hodling and make more profit, So we don’t feel the lost in fall of price when it happens again, i stumbled upon a comment of someone who helped in increasing of Portfolio of a lady from having *4BTC to 10BTC in two months, i So i contacted him even though I was skeptical, Behold I have made 2Btc in 1 month with his working strategies, if you have lost so much during fall or want to increase your portfolio like me, Reach him on Email Richardtradings001@gmailcom

  14. D Mar dice:

    Thoughts on Substratum?

  15. NoobikCZE dice:

    Trade war is just US market manipulation at its finest.

  16. Alt coin market is dead and will not out perform BTC

  17. Blazar dice:

    Another good macro economic analysis.
    There are reports that China's wealth is enormously inflated and that they have a huge amount of debt.
    All the other extremely over-leveraged countries will be in trouble as well.The next crash will be epic.
    Fasten your seat belts, the coming 0,5-2 years will be wild.

  18. Manfred dice:

    I have an issue that I do not understand. Nobody talks about it: Who is going to bring in Bitcoins into BAKKT? The current customers of BAKKT do not own any bitcoin (or crypto) and thus cannot bring them in. And..if they do have Bitcoin, they have purchased them outside BAKKT (noncustodial) on another exchange and eventually stored them in a wallet so far. Then...who are these entities that bring in BItcoin into BAKKT? And why do they bring them into BAKKT? Pure for safe storage? Or for trading purposes? What is the real underlying motive? What entities are playing what kind of game?

  19. Ones health is important. Getting a complete check, xrays, m.r.i, ultrasound to check for muscle/tissue damage and see a good physio and chiro. Backs and necks can get injured over small things.
    Get a good bed mattress and supportive 'neck pillow' Nick😄

  20. Andrew Hetu dice:

    Lasr week he made a video about BTC soaring in Spetember, this week it's about a crash in Spetember... In the end we all just wasted time with these useless videos.

  21. Sign up now and get $10 of free Bitcoin when you buy or sell at least $100 of digital currency.
    Claim your invite now:

  22. Yes USA will win if we keep going because we buy more from them than they buy for us. Only advantage has is we don’t back the president because a lot hate him. But if they want to keep pushing down their currency I might just have to buy some if I can get 10 for 1 US dollar.

  23. 14:58 im not saying i agree with them, but ive always found teh perspective that tehyre "efficiently allocating resources" to be interesting. The idea that they know something will become more valuable, so they buy it immediately and place an order to sell it for that price, essentially making the thing worth what it really is more quickly (thats a loaded sentence full of assumptions of course), and so "allocating resources more efficiently" (rather than if it were being bought and sold for less than it was actually worth). But its really pretty hard to buy in to that too much especially with some styles of investment.

  24. D C dice:

    @datadash Dashlane sucks big time. Bitwarden is by far much much better

  25. Adam E dice:

    I think so too. Dont sleep on ALGO though, im telling ya the current price is a steal.

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  29. It sure does boil down to trust
    We give it the value

  30. kojsbarv dice:

    Hi Nick, get an adjustable table if you don't already. I had lower back pain 10 years ago but switched to an adjustable desk. When I have the slightest feeling of it coming back I just stand for a couple of hours and it goes away. Sitting all the time is not healthy in multiple ways.

  31. Chezlemac dice:

    We get it Nick... You're smarter than Akon. Well done

  32. J. C. Hicks dice:

    I concur with other's comments that no one "wins" net a trade war. But I agree with you that China will have to come the table because of simple math and the belief (true or not) that Trump won't back down. Every president is unhappy with the trade deficit and that's the math that forces China to the table. If you sell me 10 items at a dollar a piece, and you buy 5 items at a dollar a piece at the end of the day you will never win a trade war if both of us go all the way (100% tariffs) - you have by definition more to lose.

    Whether it's good for American or Chinese civilian is as irrelevant as when the allies battled the axis powers in europe and both sides fought on people's land. I'm pro America but it appears that both sides juice the numbers instead of really having a fair economic fight. It's an interesting because both sides say they can win a fair fight but then both sides manipulate their currencies implying they don't actually trust their ability to win a fair fight

  33. TA student dice:

    Neither China nor US. Europe is a winner as long as trade war continue.

  34. Dollar is backed by cheap food too

  35. mark a dice:

    Always look forward to your videos.

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