5 formas de obtener DAI Stablecoin | Serie DAI para principiantes


En este video, revisamos 5 formas en que puede obtener una moneda DAI estable de MakerDAO: acuñar, comprar, intercambiar, pedir prestado y ganar.

0:28 Minting DAI a través de MakerDAO CDP
2:22 compra de DAI a través de Coinbase / Coinbase Professional
4:22 Cambio de DAI a través de Uniswap o 1 pulgada
5:53 DAI que pide prestado a través de compuesto o dYdX
8:40 Gana DAI con pagos

Gran software program MakerDAO (recursos DAI)

Portal CDP de MakerDAO


Intercambio de 1 pulgada



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  1. Tessa Hall dice:

    ❤❤❤❤ keep up the good work! I am loving your videos on the DeFi space!

  2. Swe Sd dice:

    Please always turn on auto-generated subtitles. Please.

  3. SanktGallus dice:

    So DAI is the best USD etherium stable coin, all else like TrueUSD etc. pure shit?

  4. I've been using Maker CDP to use ETH to generate SAI to earn 8% interest on my money. So its like going Long on ETH , while making passive income on it at the same time.

  5. MGTOW_ Beto dice:

    Coinbase is "easy" but its a horrible place to do anything with crypto...only use coinbase if you're noob! Coinbase "Pro" is equally bad.

  6. bg26892 dice:

    wow, thanks for the heads up on 1inch!

  7. Rafe West dice:

    When you draw Dai on Maker through a cdp what are the terms to pay back the Dai?Just when you want/can?Or are there terms?

  8. Lending creates more DAI.

  9. Rafe West dice:

    And how do you send it to one another?just like any other crypto?Dai wallet to Dai wallet?

  10. Tomas Rimkus dice:

    Excellent tutorial, thanks!

  11. Hey Chris, great video! Please do one comparing 1inch to other similar services!

  12. Another well made, informative video. Thank you Chris.

  13. Wot Wot dice:

    Very good video. +100 for the clear voice. Subscribed. I hope to see videos in your channel to explain these into detail. I haven't been upto date with Maker (and Ethereum in general) since Dai went live. I have zero idea how these "de-fi" works. Would be great to see other ETH topics as well like those new games.

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