¡Se acerca la gran escapada de BITCOIN! El | Temporada de Altcoin? El | ¡Los 5 datos más sorprendentes de BTC!


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Análisis técnico de Bitcoin y noticias de Bitcoin hoy: ¿se acerca una temporada de Altcoin? ¿Se romperá o bajará el precio de bitcoin desde un triángulo descendente? Usaré un análisis técnico sobre el precio de bitcoin para hacer un pronóstico del precio de bitcoin. ¡Mira el video para aprender más!


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5:48 penitencia estadounidense
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7:21 Los 5 hechos más importantes

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Carl Erik Martin.

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    2:51 Altcoins
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    7:21 Top 5 Facts

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  2. in the future many people will pass away and their fortunes in Btc and Ltc will be lost forever… a large amount of holders will not even share their cypto information with wives ,husbands or family…this will further increase prices even faster on Btc and ltc in next few years…When this happens now cash is buried etc…but the gov just prints more…with btc and ltc no more can ever be printed…

  3. "Massive Bitcoin Breakout Imminent" I'm not picking on just Carl here, but how many time do we have to see this same clickbait, and at this point, who is it still baiting ? Just about all of the TA youtubers are still doing this, ad nauseam. It's like a tired old song that's long since lost its' appeal. Give it a rest already !

  4. I personally recommend trading with Gary Winks to everyone struggling with trades or experiencing losses, Gary is your solution to better profits as he can teach you how to trade and earn successfully.

  5. If you take fibonacci from the very top to the very bottom on this chart you will see the 0.618 fibonacci is at 75% and we are currently at 70%.

    Now, hypothetically, if we were to start declining around the 0.618 fibonacci retracement level (75% dominance) then we should take another fibonnaci retracement from the bottom to the 0.618 fibonacci which gives us a value of 50% (Dominance that is)

    Once 75% is hit then we should see the BTC Dominace decline to around 50%, which is where the other fibonnaci is… This would be a 33% decline in the chart

    We should not steadily increase up to 80, 90% like you said Carl. Lets keep it realistic here

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