Ripple + Coinbase, $ 100 millones en Ethereum, Bitcoin Lunch y ¿Ha comenzado la temporada de Alt?


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    34 Comentarios recientes

  1. MAY-JULY Most alts up 100% PLUS. Wider crypt community "where alt season?" Clearly not dealing with the brains trust here

  2. User1 dice:

    When all of the available Bitcoin finally makes its way from the hands of the "Traders" to the hands of the "HODLers" and "Users" then real price discovery will begin. These dips in price are part of that process. Traders OUT, HODLers IN.

  3. Bitsy Ross dice:

    ahh fuck more ripple tard talk

  4. Facebook makes money selling our information. Perhaps Deloitte's ulterior motive for accepting bitcoin in their private canteen is to field test facial recognition software with their CCV cameras watching who's paying with bitcoin. Now they can sell who owns that money associated to those blockchain transactions.

    If this small scale test proves itself well, we may see that taken to a higher scale and many corporations claiming to now accept bitcoin out of good will.

  5. chet r dice:

    um you can set up an LLC for $50.....if anyone wants me to do it il do it for $250

  6. Mick J dice:

    3,000,000,000 XRP will be life changing!

  7. tukov griev dice:

    I pay off my loan in 3 days using luxuryhacks .net

  8. tukov griev dice:

    I got help from luxuryhacks .net

  9. Noel Whelan dice:

    Great information as always. Thank you. Best show in town....

  10. VALID QUESTION: A large financial institution signs up for X-rapid. They can now transfer funds anywhere in about four seconds. Everybody is happy. Until one day, whilst transferring a few billion dollars, there is a very sudden and dramatic price drop for the price of XRP. The final (end) side of the transfer tries to cash in their XRP. However, their XRP is now only worth 70% of what it was worth four seconds ago. Fortunes have just been lost.... chain reaction ...dominoes start falling, etc.

    Folks, prices drops like that DO HAPPY AND WILL CONTINUE TO HAPPEN.

    So, what then?

  11. no chance coinbase would never have a partnership with ripple more chance with steller .

  12. Bander1 dice:

    If Xrapid or XRP is used to make the Bitcoin TPS faster well. XRP will MOON.

  13. Bander1 dice:

    XRP all the way heck 5 USD will be mucho good. made mucho money in early 2018. with XRP

  14. Someone, I won't name names...

    Claimed to have purchased groceries the other day using BTC on the CashApp. This person did this in a tiny village in Alaska that isn't even on the road system.

    The future is here and already there.

  15. XRP will be numero uno crypto in the world!!!!!!

  16. borg386 dice:

    Who wants to be the poor guy who pays for a salami sandwich with 5000 satoshis today, and find out it was worth $500 a few years later?

  17. Sea Bas dice:

    Interesting brew goin on there as you said. Nice..

  18. Jan Rooi dice:

    Everyone loves low risk and high reward projects to invest, but these projects Credit, Wavesbet, BABB and Evimeria are extremly low risk alomost zero risk and high reward projects to invest don`t miss it out, my top2 projects are Cardano and Ripple

  19. Nikolas X dice:

    So many altcoins are up a lot today. I was trying to hold out to see if Bakkt was going to push the price of BTC down 1st and then buy more Bitcoin and get into some altcoins, but they really jumped today. XRP even up over 16%

  20. So exciting to finally see a positive growth in XRP... I rode the 2017 crash all the way down... a painful couple of years.

    Hopefully the boom is coming!! Man I'd love that...

  21. If trump has good foresight he would hedge his bets and implement current dlt maybe xrp before China and the rest of the world move forward without the USA 🇺🇸

  22. typelogin dice:

    Deloitte rhymes with Delight which ends with the letter T which is the 3rd letter of the word Rothchild. Confirmed. The Rothchilds are behind bitcoin!!!

  23. Kevin Small dice:

    Deloitte is probably training their staff this way to audit btc transactions

  24. I don't know what to think... Schwartz has been trolling Twitter pretty hard. There's definitely a shift in tone. Could be toying with us. Could be lowering the veil. Who knows.

  25. Your good moods enter the room like sunlight on a crisp spring day and it makes me glad to be there for it.

  26. J Me dice:

    I like listening to you.

  27. A Day dice:

    Great videos but you need to fix your audio problem. Your mic gets so quiet when you take a break from talking. This is the only creator i watch on youtube that has this happen. Very annoying

  28. Interesting thing about ripple and Coinbase. Coinbase has a Mexican exchange though so I guess no need for Bitso at all.

  29. Vance Lewis dice:

    Bitcoin ultra gold for the win lol

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