Litecoin no falla Charla LTC filtrada de Charlie Lee y Altcoins Falls Worth


Litecoin descentralizado @ 00:30
Cifrado pasivo @ 1:45
Adopción criptográfica líder de LTC @ 3:05
Charlie me filtró Chat @ 4:35
Problema de Litecoin con precio a las 6:45

Hay mucho que cubrir sobre Litecoin en términos de las recientes "noticias" que estaban saliendo. ¿Es fallar la configuración? ¿Qué pasó con esta conversación con la Fundación Charlie Lee Letquin? ¿Es una mala señal para LTC? ¿Por qué el precio de litecoin ha bajado tanto?

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    40 Comentarios recientes

  1. This is not meant to be a negative swing at any other crypto content creator. I respect all these YouTubers putting in work to create content. It’s a lot of work! This is me defending Charlie, LTC Foundation, & trying to do so in the most upfront way possible. I try everyday to understand why there is so much negativity in the crypto space; so many at war with each other.

    Crypto as a whole should come together (no matter what crypto you like or dislike). Appreciate you all. God Bless!

    Litecoin is decentralized @ 00:30
    Crypto negativity @ 1:45
    LTC leading crypto adoption @ 3:05
    Leaked Charlie Lee chat @ 4:35
    Litecoin problem with price @ 6:45

  2. I hear Reggie Middleton (from VERI) is on the streets of N.Y. pimping LTC T-shirts.
    He says LTC needs MORE T-shirt sales to help keep the LTC foundation stay funded.

  3. Alice Lee dice:

    A lot of times what people to believe is really matter over the reality, this is the reason why I believe there is a huge effect on the LTC price from what Charlie & his team is doing. Did Charlie admit that he wasn't doing much on LTC recently, if so he really needs to put his act together, it's definitely necessary to promote the LTC instead of negligence. We're losing the investors!!!

  4. Mason M dice:

    Litecoin is going to 40$ that’s the truth at which point I will buy litecoins sexy ass, until then watching the dump👌

  5. Rolls Costa dice:

    Everyone trust so much in Charlie lee !!!
    My questions here is what he have to win , caming out with all this latest info saying no one wants to work with Litecoin... He made Litecoin , he knows what he say can move the market up or down.
    Could be some of His Elite friends want to buy , but they need low prices!!
    Hey just my Donkey tought...

  6. I’m not worried!! Litecoin is a fantastic cryptocurrency. Period.

  7. Warthog dice:

    Wish I had more $$$ to buy LTC at such a great price!

  8. George Smith dice:

    Switched 80 percent of my LTC to Bitcoin yesterday. Felt a load of stress off my shoulders

  9. Ze Ep dice:

    Well ironically, the negativity here is the same as positivity for other people. You encourage commenting, and putting our ideas out there, when investment should really be riddled with secrecy. It's thanks to these comments on Social Media (yes, YouTube is now a Social Media platform) that things are so volatile in the crypto space. It's cuz people have more info about other investors, and how they function.

  10. John Ward dice:

    There will always be a small niche of litecoin users, ya know, worried about privacy coins which is cute. It's not a great store of value like bitcoin, but hey, what ever floats your boat. Litecoin wont help people retire but at least their cup of coffee will have a private transaction.

  11. Bobby8270 dice:

    I always bought and stacked LTC. I sold all my LTC and bought btc. It was time to trade my LTC in for btc 5 weeks ago. I’m keeping an eye on LTC. I Will hopefully get back into LTC when the time is right. Thanks Dan for your vids and all your help. God bless brother.

  12. the biggest point here is that Dan explains everything clear and make you have your own opinion. Cheers from brazil ma friend

  13. Zak Willis dice:

    It is Schaudenfroid, people take pleasure in failure. I never tell a soul to invest in anything, but I do tell them cryptocurrency will offer defense against totalitarianism and serfdom. Secondly, people like soundbites that satisfies ignorance. So, yes, it isn't great and I agree with your observations. It is time to start helping implement real use cases to silence the critics.

  14. I like your positive energy and objective common sense analysis of Crypto so. I just joined. Thank you for the excellent content.

  15. RAW TOPSHOT dice:

    I was really disappointed to see LTC dropping so hard especially seeing as it was centre stage in the news with the halving and the marketing coverage.
    I honestly expected to finally break even for myself (Jan 2018 buyer) and witness renewed enthusiasm and adoption from people as they learned how fast and cheap it was to transact with litecoin.

  16. rockon1122 dice:

    Price always go up after halving. Fud to buy low is what's happening

  17. Hatters gone hate, so fuck em !
    Keep up the dedication bro bro

  18. Good vid, thanks for your approach!

  19. O dice:

    I appreciate you for keeping it real. Unfortunately some sheeple out there are drawn to shock jock type crypto YouTubers who really don't know anything.

  20. Fuzi TV dice:

    Looks desperate to me. You don't need to get paid to do this video, if your a Litecoin holder 😉 Ah so if I spend a lot of money on commercial... does that mean adoption to you? Its just marketing and has nothing to do with real adoption. They probs just did this commercial to FOMO people into LTC...(certainly was a good investement :)) Litecoin looks like a dead project to me, the only use case is to pump and dump the whales get even more BTC.. Still best of luck with your bags 😉 I know this chat history is just FUD, but still looks like a red flag to me if no one really cares about LTC, even Charlie Lee..

  21. Chosen One dice:

    I am down bought in the 90 dollar range please go up not down . I do not want to to take a hit with over 100 litecoin . Ready to hit the sell button at a loss right now .

  22. 🚨**NEWBIE ALERT**🚨 You are fortunate to have found Dan’s channel here. He is one of only a few no non-sense crypto channels. Also, try not to get discouraged about price movements. Each new generation of crypto investors have it easier than the generation before them. Especially if they are coming into the space post crypto winter season. If you are new this year, thank your lucky stars. The grandfathers before us got beat up a heck of a lot harder with years between crypto cycles (as in plural like 2 and 3 years in the red) That is called patience: which also means sacrifice: and sacrifice is something we do to express love at its core....also known as “fasting”. We are fasting for our financial well being and the well being of future generations to come. Stay strong handed and make the sacrifice. Enjoy the journey along the way. One day you won’t miss a minute of sleep over a 40% drop week in crypto and you will giggle about it. Hang on for dear life💪

  23. Thomas S. dice:

    Try this on for size concerning the FUD-- Charlie's latest twitter feed:

  24. Just like you said all altcoins are down, maybe some people are still mad at Charlie Lee or it's just that 500% gain that got some jealous. I don't know.

  25. Litecoin is number one. Also there was a large scale dust attack on LTC wallets in the past few days my buddy is locked out of his coinbase right now because of it. BITCOINERS want litecoin to die

  26. BITCOINERS ARE AFRAID OF LTC. LTC is a better, faster car than bitcoin. Bitcoin is a dinosaur COIN. I look at bitcoin as a $110 coin. Not a $11000 coin.

    Litecoin will dominate one day

  27. Jason Rech dice:

    Look at those likes Dan! As usual u bring us all back in and keep us grounded. Appreciate the videos as always. Keep it up bro

  28. The negativity I was watching seemed so fake. The negativity is good on my end if brings the price down because I can buy more for cheaper price while knowing it's bad for the ppl getting into Crypto. Overall if they dont like Litecoin then why they even worry about it lol

  29. Btc game dice:

    Good video sir
    Вitcоins frее, gо tо mу chаnnel

  30. These kids don’t want decentralized, uncensored, sound money u could actually buy your coffee with.. They want unicorns 🦄 & Lambos. The tribalism turns people off right when we need education for decentralized sound money VS. “LIBRA”.. I like Litecoin cuz it works & does want its suppose to do. Be a “means of exchange”. The LTC community also seems to be the least toxic in the space..

  31. Thomas S. dice:

    Any crypto that stands out from other cryptos gets attacked. BTC is a point in case. It has survived numerous attacks from hackers, billionaires who bad mouth it, a President who is old school and doesn't realize the dollar is the best horse in the glue factory, financiers, you name it. Well guess what . . . BTC is doing just fine despite all the shit thrown at it. What's going on with LTC is hardly unusual-- hardly worth commenting on. Everything that everybody has said will be forgotten here once LTC gets into the hundreds of dollars if not thousands. In general the good cryptos like LTC are the answer to a problem that hasn't popped up yet. But it will. It always does and has in the past.

  32. Of course Charlie Lee has something to do with LiteCoin and its price. Just like Vitalik for Ethereum. What do you think happens when Charlie Lee says tomorrow he's not behind LiteCoin anymore? Only Bitcoin is really independent. Furthermore LiteCoin is just a testnet for Bitcoin, in the real world you don't need something like LiteCoin because you have already BitCoin 🙂

  33. ThereIsMusik dice:

    Thanks man, keep it coming. I love your attitude!

  34. robert korab dice:

    Wow,you are one of the most intelligent and honest crypto youtubers out there 👍👍👌

  35. Invested in 1000 litecoins I don’t give a damn to wankers

  36. Thanks Dan! I have been in the game now for more than 2 years. I didn't sell when it was $30 and didn't sell when it was $140. In fact, I keep buying the dips, so that one day my kids will benefit from it. I found, that the longer I hold it, the less price affects me. Will LTC be the best investment out there? Probably not, but it is a solid blockchain that I trust in. The fact that we still hear from Charlie Lee today means that he hasn't walked away. He made himself a nice amount of cash, and that is fine by me. He deserves it. Let's talk in 5 years again.

  37. The TechGeek dice:

    Let's get it LTC. Still have some bags...

  38. Randy Black dice:

    Stashing . . . Some Litecoin LTC . . . For 7 Years . . . Will Likely be an Ace in the Pocket . . . Down the Road when Times are Tough.

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