Excelente XLM $ 50 Predicción, Vechain VET, Stablecoin y Cardano ADA ¡Buenas noticias!



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  1. I want my $50 Stellar I sent a picture of my (BUTT HOLE)


    Woot!!! Awesome show today

  3. Stellar keeps falling in price...false news

  4. Everyone you must dismiss Bitcoin vs. Lumens.Bitcoin is made up of Satoshis and there's just more Satoshis than Stellar Lumens when you break it down.No one is seeing the bigger picture.
    If you combine all the 100 billion LUMENS You could only make 1,000 BIT COIN bodies.Divide 100 billion to 100 million Satoshis and you will see the bigger picture.So there's 17 million Bitcoins and all the Bitcoins have 100 million Satoshis multiply that and you will have gazillions of bazillions of Satoshis..While there's only 100 billion XLM Lumens which they don't have Satoshis compartment.You just own the entire Lumen.

  5. Peter Pan dice:

    Xlm is an amazing project, it will without a doubt be huge

  6. Still all in on XRP but interesting to hear about Stellar and Vechain!

  7. EvilCBass dice:

    Came for updates on Stellar, interesting update on vechain

  8. Moon Lambo dice:

    For some people, trading cryptocurrency is seen as an investment opportunity but there is an alarming proportion of people who are ‘gambling’ on these cryptocurrency markets as they would gamble on horses or sports or slots. And it has the potential to get them into significant trouble which further fuels the notion that crypto is extremely risky to invest in. You can't simply beat the market without having the right skill set as well as the stringent ability to not only read the news and charts but to create a strategy and work with it. Abiding by these simple rules will definitely make the difference between winning and losing as a trader and/or investor. There are a few mentors you can actually follow who would guide you and show you how to use a working strategy backed with great signals. I personally follow Paul Bradely and the benefit has been immensely great with me realizing profits of at least 400% on my bitcoins which I was previously HODling and losing money on every single day. My suggestion, especially to newbies and intermediates is to find someone like him and follow him religiously. His contacts are * * (paulbradely1 @ Gmail. com) WhatsApp***+447480724121. just in case you need some help with crypto trading and I am able to share his contact because I use his system and it has always been very productive for me.

  9. Tanya Oz dice:

    Xlm above $10 before the year 2024. Will be great to refer back to these comments in the future, we'll see who was right , all the best to everyone investing, cryptos will change the world 👍

  10. rai swarnim dice:

    steller send money like email

  11. 777Jesuswins dice:

    I own some Stellar XLM. I enjoy going in to see the value go up and down. I like to try to predict when it is at its lowest so I can invest more, and enjoy watching it go up. Its a fun hobby.

  12. Ben Hsieh dice:

    get your free $10 XLM tokens: https://coinbase.com/earn/xlm/invite/mnk4h37z

  13. OctoMan PC's dice:

    yo! you have "The Cryptoviser's" same exact voice!

  14. Dude, stop making nonsense videos. Smh.

  15. Andy Pala dice:

    First XRP to $50, oh that didn’t happen now stellar to $50...seriously you have no idea

  16. GhOsT FaCE dice:


  17. GhOsT FaCE dice:

    Still waiting on my 50

  18. Sure hope I win the 50 USD worth of crypto

  19. TakeSegi dice:

    Stellar is not going be worth $50 in people dreams. Stellar is a fail coin. Why not use XRP instead of stellar!?

  20. Xlm to 0.01 in 2025
    Vet to 0.0002 in 2025

  21. David Tengs dice:

    Then you need a very high market cap
    $75 000 000 000 marked cap? 50dollar xlm
    Try to be realistic not to fool people who don't know anything

    This title gives fake hopes to people

  22. Hello dusty. XLM or XLP? Thanks

  23. İ Ünal dice:

    Dou you really believe this? Xlm 50 dolars. You must be the most optimist person on earth.

  24. Same here, checking on Vechain...

  25. Olu Wole dice:

    Let go Cardano and VET

  26. easeinbox dice:

    cmon Vechain just launched their new toolchain videos.

  27. if Lumens worth $50 then XRP will be worth $200.

  28. gino dal dice:

    Libra token on sale now link below

  29. jdbeards1 dice:

    Please, turn up sound. Might like if I could hear it.

  30. Andrew Chaya dice:

    Is stellar a thing still

  31. Creation dice:

    Ada and vchain I can understand but stellar

  32. Monkey Magic dice:

    I'm sure Lumens have a bright future. 💡😁

  33. Thanks again for your updates and the work you’re doing appreciate it

  34. Stellar will definitely be very valuable coin within the next 5 years and that's a guarantee the reason there isn't news about it because it's all being done behind the scenes

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