Ethereum en llamas - ¿ETH rompe $ 200? - Vivo! (¡También, Bitpay, Tether, Information!)


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  1. Michael dice:

    00:15 ETH Is On Fire - Will It Break $200??*
    04:32 Market Cap Overview and ETH TA
    09:18 Bitcoin VS Ethereum Chart
    13:46 Tone Vays Ironically Calls the ETH/BTC Bottom
    14:27 Ethereum Miner Accumulation
    18:02 BitPay Supporting Ethereum Payments
    24:50 Wallet App Preloaded on HTC Exodus 1
    28:39 Ethereum Utility
    34:43 Conclusion and Quote of the Day

  2. paul potato dice:

    good to buy eth right now?

  3. Ugh, I bought that crap WAY higher ...

  4. I’m not used to French regulations doing something I’m in favor of. C’est La VeChain!

  5. TA is easy, everybody is overthinking shit

  6. Glad ETH is doing well today, just wish it was more "use able"

  7. Jeff Ross dice:

    F u and ur commercials

  8. Investors are just waiting for the right moment before they pile into ETH. The guys who were all in crypto in the beginning generally love Ethereum and they have a lot of money.

  9. TMI Fanboy dice:

    "Peeing the bed" lol whut

  10. ETH is a Quantitative Easing Protocol & such a centralized shit coin... There are 100x better applications on ETH than ETH it's self :/

  11. Chewy1358 dice:

    Man I love your show. Thanks for keeping it real Omar

  12. Jas S dice:

    Mr. PHD in crypto amazing

  13. Ravi Bahal dice:

    Crapping at $120 million? Dude I was crapping sending $200

  14. Even keel, open and honest news 😀👍

  15. Love your channel, but not your title. ETH isn't on fire. In crypto, being up single digit points 2-3 days in a row is just normal small gains.


    Every bull market has its major stars. ETH was a star in the beginning of the 2017 bull market. The FANG stocks have been the stars during last year's stock market bull market, etc.

    Recently, we've been witnessing ETH outperforming many cryptos, even BTC.

    BAKKT launch is very near and I wouldn't be surprised if speculators are already buying on the rumor that ETH will be the next coin on track to be listed on BAKKT and on a ETF. Maybe that is why ETH is misteriously outperforming everything else at the moment. ETH is also one of the few cryptos with solid use cases and it's use as Gas has also been rising as well as the number of new addresses... I wonder if ETH's price will explode above it's prior ATH @ $1,300 IF these speculations turn out to be true... What do you guys think?

  17. KenshiroDark dice:

    Just dont give up. We have seen these crashes before. Keep grinding

  18. Admittedly my second comment today but just think;

    Phone = zero value
    Smart Phone = Infinite Value
    Internet = zero value because we saw Face bunk and others screw it up while governments control it to death.

    Smart ETH Internet = Infinite Value

  19. Pretty sure ETH saved my kidneys.

  20. hummm, but being up just 3% on such a bullish news is kind of bearish...

  21. AICCEO dice:

    ETH goes up 4% and its on fire? Then EOS is an inferno.

  22. fenbeiro dice:

    On fuego 🔥eth😝

  23. 2fer one dice:

    OKEX delisted 5 privacy coins. Are you running a full Ethereum node Omar? 🐓😁👋

  24. Mark your calendars for Ohio's largest bitcoin meetup on October 10th at the Thirsty Dog on the East Bank of the flats between 5:30 and 7:30pm. Featured guests/speakers include Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert from RT, Peter McCormick from "What Did Bitcoin Do", and YouTube personalities Crypto Zombie and Crypto Savy. This is a free event and we look forward to seeing you all there. Register here:

  25. I missed the live stream today 🙁

  26. Sammyzuko dice:

    Eth is on fire as in “it’s a dumpster fire”?

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