¿Es hora de comprar el retiro de Bitcoin?



Descargo de responsabilidad: no soy un asesor financiero y este no es un consejo financiero.

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  1. Ankit Ladha dice:

    Time to buy the altcoins dip that too gems.
    Two gems i would like to suggest is Pledgecamp (Listed on Okex Exchange) and Reserve protocol (Listed on Huobi Exchange)
    Real World Usecase foe both the project. Specially Bullish on Pledgecamp PLG currently in accumulation phase with Global Crowdfunding marketing having a need to expand and face innovation as people are going for entrepreneurship using pledgecamp gives the business an extra boost with funds management and product developments and Crowdfunder's Protection. Kickstarter one of the opponents being a biggest giant in Crowdfunding market offers none of these

  2. Shawaeb dice:

    after a long break away from crypto, im buying the dip.

  3. This is not the dip. The is far more to come mate!

  4. Ghettoize dice:

    Im gonna Buy in the am 🙂

  5. Im the guy that’s says “it hit 15, I’ll wait till 18.”

  6. Yeah that altcoin dumping sure is a bitch, right? I guess you were right about all that altcoin dumping of a specific altcoin, eh? Wait... is bitcoin an altcoin? Cuz there suuuuuure is a lot of dumping going on? Oh, ye heards!

  7. Villu Metsur dice:

    would like to have Dailys comment on that chart. My opinion is that total mc chart is similar to btc coz btc dominance is 70% anyways, but it broke last suport and heading down. Next to bigger suports are 178, 155 and 134 billion by marketcap. 155 billion would be 78% fibo retracment atm we sit at 61,8% fibo retrace lvl at 199-200 billion. if it would drop to 155-134 billion then btc would retrace aswell. At 134 billion total mc lvl 70% would be bitcoins mc which would make btc price around 5200-600 range which again is untested lvl. intresting isnt it 😀 the chart is here : https://www.tradingview.com/x/KZcDsa2I/ This would play out ideal shakeout scenario , before the bull run actualy starts building its self up

  8. It’s a Bull & Bear Market at the same time ! 🤑

  9. Very bearish below 8400 BTC and 166 ETH. Don’t be afraid to sit on sidelines and let it play out. It might take months for the price to recover. Not bullish again unless 9600 can be retaken and actually hold.

  10. Boo Reta dice:

    Yea, definitely a good time to buy not just bitcoin alone, you can also add some Tokoin. It's pretty cheap right now.

  11. Rishi Singh dice:

    Bitcoin is dead now, not sure if bitcoin will ever reach 20k again
    Time for alt coins

  12. Dindu Nuffin dice:

    I've bought the dip since winter '17

  13. Jaenisch dice:

    Lol this idiot is still making videos?

  14. anon2k10 dice:

    Nice insights! Whats that background music at the end? I started raving and craved some speed LOL

  15. Whocares dice:

    I wish I was a part of the pump and dump, those are the real money makers.

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  17. Mateo dice:

    If one single individual sold that amount and the price went down, then there are 2 posibilities: 1 he will buy again when he thinks is the dip and the price will rise up again or
    2 he wont buy again and that wale will be deceased and the smaller microorganisms will eat those bitcoins and will be re-distributed.
    Whales also die, and their corpses feeds millions of individuals

  18. DJS Squibbs dice:

    Thank you for taking the time to bring the content that you do. and making me laugh 😀

  19. MrFloneil dice:

    Crypto bags 😂 Good one

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