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Lista de equipos utilizados para mis movies:

Instalar VideoMic Professional-
Samsung Galaxy Tab S4-
Easy four gimbal mobile phone
Tarjeta de memoria SanDisk de 64 GB –
Go Professional Hero 7 negro
Canon EOS M50-
Trípode versatile
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    Equipment used to make this video

    Rode VideoMic Pro-

    Samsung Galaxy Tab S4-

    Smooth 4 cell phone gimbal-

    SanDisk 64GB memory card –

    GoPro Hero 7 Black-

    Canon EOS M50-

    Flexible tripod-

    Lighting for studio-



    Exodus PC wallet


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  2. Before you give check out how much of your dollar is spent on overhead. The Red Cross is hugely inefficient. Very little money goes to the ones in need. It is very sad actually. The last time I checked the Salvation Army is one of the better. The top dog at TRC makes 7 figures. At The salvation army takes no pay. The state of outfits that help is sad as far as efficiency goes.

  3. my son's school just bought stuff and they will ship it there with the rest of the county's school donations, you can contact the local news channel and they can direct you to the right people, dont just say it, DO IT, DONT ASK US WHO TO SHOULD BE DONATED THIS MONEY.

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  5. Nice to see your a Charity man Kris. Respect bro. You still have the best content. I have no problem with you spending the money YOU make. People get buthurt over it, shesh, get a life, it's not ALL about money. You have to enjoy something some times. I would say the Cajun Navy but they are based in Louisiana, be hard to get your bass boat to the Bahamas.

  6. Good call Kris on the Whale, the Stop and The Leverage. This thing could even go down when they start Bakkt. But the ace in the whole remains the Supply Demand situation. As this starts to get momentum, when it comes to transactions, it won't matter if you are a whale or a guppy, you are going to have to pay the price. CME gradually built momentum. Bakkt and some of the others will increase the volume of trade in a larger and larger way. More people with money investing more and more. I still think that guys time table is very conservative. I want that room of yours to hit 200. Then you can run vents to other buildings in town and get yourself into the heating business!

  7. I have two magic balls…… I keep them in a sack ……Kind of like a genie in the lamp and when she licks them correctly she gets magic wonder goo.🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂 she doesn’t know when I leave but she’ll always see me coming

  8. If you want to help the Bahamas, I would ask your Church. If they don't have something going on, I bet they can refer you to some mission or something that would benefit those in need directly, i.e., without intercession and huge administrative costs. I don't trust the large charities b/c they pay their CEO in the millions (when they should be volunteering) and I don't trust the government of the Bahamas because… well…

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