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Entrevista con Josiah Spakman de Digibet. Reclamando códigos HEX free of charge. El primer certificado de depósito blockchain de alto interés (depósitos a plazo). Rico este mercado alcista! Programado para bombear. ¡Bájalo para hacerlo! Richard Hart: líder de pensamiento de Blockchain, inversor de criptomonedas, autor, empresario en serie, Bitcoin OG

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  1. Michael dice:

    00:13 Richard's Intro
    00:52 Josiah's Intro

    01:38 New Zealand / Australia Software Updates
    02:49 Litecoin Developer Leak
    07:19 Recommending Crypto to Friends / Family
    08:05 Current Market Perspective
    11:04 Usability of Bitcoin
    12:41 Litecoin Price VS Fundamentals
    14:36 Transferring Value VS Storing Value
    14:48 Effect of Speculation on Crypto Prices (Trade USD Pairs)
    16:21 USD Burn
    16:45 Longing > Shorting
    17:23 Social Consensus VS Proven Scarcity
    18:09 Chain Roll Backs and Stolen Coins
    22:52 Free Money and Scams
    24:35 Ethereum and Uses
    25:26 Digibyte's Digiassets
    26:58 Ethereum VS Tokens on Ethereum (HEX)
    30:09 Difficulty Adjustments and DigiShield
    31:20 Piggybacking Bitcoin's Brand
    34:00 Small Market Caps Pump Hard
    34:56 Coin Death and Survival
    35:33 Interest Rates and Prices
    36:42 Bitcoin All-Time Highs
    39:52 Factoring in New Data in Predictions
    41:39 Free Quality Trading Advice
    42:58 Haters
    43:43 ICOs
    44:43 HEX Pumpamentals (Time Deposits, Virality, Incentives, Unit Bias, Inflation Bugs, Audits, Holders Get Paid)
    49:25 Ethereum Network Power
    50:01 Mining Algorithms
    52:31 Evil Miners
    54:12 Crypto Archetypes
    54:33 Unfairness Beats Fairness
    56:06 Eating Meat and Ethics
    58:07 Incentivizing Development in Crypto
    01:01:22 Using Crypto for Payments
    01:02:44 Blockstream Defending Tether and Mining
    01:03:42 Buying Mining Equipment VS Coins
    01:04:41 Roger Ver / Bitcoin Cash / Bitcoin SV / Epstein "Suicide"

    01:10:25 Chat
    01:10:41 Claiming HEX from Hardware Wallet
    01:12:42 Other Ways to Get HEX (Referral System / Adoption Amplifier / Staking)
    01:15:34 HEX Stickiness and Interesting Metrics
    01:19:10 HEX Front-End Development
    01:22:53 Claiming HEX from Hardware Wallet
    01:25:18 HEX Centralization
    01:26:13 Value Decentralization
    01:27:04 ICOs / Digiassets
    01:30:54 Tickets on the Blockchain / Blockchain is ONLY for Censorship Resistance
    01:35:27 Pompliano Conflating Bitcoin and Cryptography
    01:36:31 Cashing Out HEX / Ending Stake / Laddering
    01:37:51 HEX Listing on Exchanges
    01:38:42 Staking on ETH 2.0 VS HEX

    CONCLUSION (01:39:17)

  2. 34:10

    Digibyte went up 150x from 2016 to 2017?

    Try 600x

    I think before the bullrun it was worth $0.000220*600x = $0.13

    If you count the beginning of 2016 the price was at $0.000131*1000x = $0.13

    This made Digibyte one of the most profitable coins besides XRP.

  3. Josiah looks like an older James Hetfield, odd- but in a good way.

  4. All cryptocurrencies are completely useless and heading towards $0!

  5. I like the way you think, very similar to me. Happy to have found your channel.

  6. kevman0111 dice:

    How do I get started hashing for CFD token. I love the concept and would be stoked to contribute some GPU juice.

  7. tim lund dice:

    Richard we need more videos from you

  8. Carol Rose dice:

    I agree with the gentlemen below who suggested we need an update after the new price drop. You were great about interviewing to get your hex marketing done, but then you lost interest in getting info out.

  9. Richard, we need a new video after the 8200 bitcoin dump. How does this change your price predictions? What is going on with Hex?

  10. OC Macrobob dice:

    Is hex snap shot already over? It says 2019 Q1? So people that got BTC this month won't get it? Or is the snapshot before launch

  11. Richard Heart is such a scammy little choad.

  12. taco bond dice:

    Hey Richard did you use to deliver Pizza before you found Bitcoin? I swear I have seen you before.

  13. RUawake dice:

    Why were are all of these crypto currencies created in the first place ?

  14. Wonderboy dice:

    Can’t help but always see that there is a deep sadness in this dude.

  15. donnyb6888 dice:

    what happened?! you were on a path......... fast for 10 days.. at this point there isnt anything you can gain by adding something to your life.. take something away.

  16. Interesting as always. Crazy shirt, reminds me of Papua New Guinea.

  17. People that say they are a genious are most often a fucking idiot.... congratulations...

  18. Shaw Gu dice:

    Holding LTC is by all means better than BTC because there is zero possibility of someone dumping 1M coins on you one day. LTC is a fair coin with no premine/instamine.

  19. E2889E dice:

    Iconic sheet coin leaders

  20. gammafighter dice:

    I was going to make a comment asking you to tell us where the bottom is, but I know that would just piss you off.

  21. Dino dice:

    Why is Richard so négative about btc ans when you look at his vidéo one year ago Hé was so positive ? ;x

  22. Hi Richard, I enjoyed your video...I am a new subscriber AND fairly new to BTC. I'm excited. But to be honest, I'm overwhelmed and a lil scared, but I think it's a great investment. Thanks again! xo

  23. I can barely hear the video, because Richard’s shirt is so loud.. 😂😂😂.
    ❤️❤️❤️ your transparency brother!

  24. FAST EDDIE dice:

    I'm subscribing for the content but also because my friends granny has the same shirt👍

  25. J C dice:

    When can I claim Hex coins?

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