¿Altseason fue solo un comienzo? ¡Altcoins a punto de bombear! U otro falso?


¡Bitcoin gira hacia un lado, bombea Altcoins! ¿Comenzó el condimento? Las monedas principales como EOS, Litecoin e incluso Cardano bombean más del 5 por ciento. ¿Es este interés externo actual en estas altcoins o ballenas con manipulación de bolsas pesadas, vaciar sus bolsas por un precio más alto? ¿Continuará creciendo el dominio de Bitcoin o ha alcanzado su punto máximo en el 71 por ciento? Esta es una transmisión en vivo, ¡no querrás perderte!

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  1. Itz Myrace dice:

    I actually feel that altcoins are about to pump. I mean it's been a long time coming in my opinion. Its time guys, time to pack up those cheap coins, coins like Tokoin, are very cheap at the moment so buy them and Hodl

  2. Where is your proof that these whales are dumping shitcoins for another shitcoin (bitcoin)?

  3. You need to check MITX Chico, when the true alt season begins, the one where enterprises and usecases will matter Morpheus Labs will be in a very good position. Their platform makes adoption for businesses cheaper and more feasible than before. Just give it an eye.

  4. Nice Video! You should look into STOs, that's maybe the catalyst of the next bull-run!
    Checkout the first digital security: NEX
    Ranked 65 on CMC, this is a token inside the NASH exchange that will go live at the end of the month. To pre-register, and maybe win 100k in BTC, or 35 other price, check out this link below:
    This exchange is unlike any other available right now, it is a decentralized exchange that works will smart contracts. It allows the users to keep the control over their coins, but also to trade as efficiently as on a centralized exchange! And the NEX token allows you to be rewarded in fees earned by the exchange.

  5. Please respond to Sams video Lazy Chico.

  6. If people choose to watch NFL instead of Chico, they are fuckturds

  7. Shef Field dice:

    40:38 I've found an imposter! He's trying to steal my YouTube clout!

    Lmao i was listening to this today and when Chico started trashin me I was like "wtf did i get drunk and let it rip in Chico's chat yesterday?" Lolol good stream brah

  8. I can't believe you took down your last xrp video, what a pussy.

  9. D 1080 dice:

    Doesn't make any sense that whales are trying to pump alts so they can dump at these low prices! whales are smart money in my opinion they already sold in early 2018!

  10. You are junk with no brainer stupid kid

  11. Aaron James dice:

    XRP holders are literal fags

  12. I couldn't believe it good ol' Ethereum Classic <where code is king> has cool places that except payment LOL's

  13. David Dixon dice:

    Funny theirs a video missing lazy chico wheres it gone Sam's had you over check your facts first

  14. Alan Tan dice:

    BCH is the worst performing alt ever, rip

  15. Ohh my Lazy Chica is shilling Shitcoins again.... Better not shill BTC again as ya will defect from it when Hedera Hash Graph is released, just like what ya Glorify XRP wayback 2017 then defect to BTC... Whatta shame, your spineless prick telling lies to appease to your investment 😂

  16. What even flow on BTC Hashing concensus?! Are ya stupid China is holding 70% of BTC Hashing power, they literally control the faith of BTC if they wanted to, as only 51% were needed for them to takeover the BTC network...

  17. C Note dice:

    I don't feel it is accurate to call anything an "alt season" until the majority of them regain their +90% losses.

  18. No reaction to sam lazy chico?

  19. What happened to your xrp vid?

  20. L G dice:

    Lazy Chico, when are you going to respond to Sam's video??..

  21. Reserve right and Elrond which is a good buy? or DAG

  22. Reserve right and Elrond which is a good buy?

  23. eiki sogame dice:

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  24. Absolutely no one expects altseason to come soon. That gives me releave.

  25. Does anyone here hold ZIL? Any thoughts about ZIL project?

  26. Paul Carroll dice:

    ETH is dying , only people who hold a lot try and big it up
    I would not invest in any crypto that does not have a fixed supply
    Neo is a better investment than eth right now
    Neo all to gain and eth a lot to loose

  27. Juan M. dice:

    Have you seen the Lazy Chico one on XRP ?

  28. JR dice:

    How about a vdo about XRP? Lazy Chico.

  29. JR dice:

    You pathetic balless prick. You removed the vdo you did about XRP. I hope your believers saw it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nNNltk27NAg&lc=z22gf1bwsxzxylfkfacdp433vsve4x4x5kje4fqdhh1w03c010c

  30. Regardless of whenever the $alt season would be, I hope to see my favourite token $toko among the early racers.

  31. Neil Ward dice:

    Well you haven’t cut your hair yet. So I take it as a no man 🤔

  32. Joel Peacock dice:

    How many chainlink token will you need to stake, if you don't know estimate?

  33. SanktGallus dice:

    So the shitcoin scam fake out drags down btc too ?

  34. Kees Reitema dice:

    U could make a interesting video about this: https://boards.4channel.org/biz/thread/15533049

  35. BitMan 360 dice:

    I'll pump your shitcoin project for 200 bucks!

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