¡Alts capitula! ¡Checoslovaquia y Arthur Hayes llaman a Altcoin!


Mientras Alts se rinde: ¡los principales operadores llaman y ejecutan Altcoin!
¿Quién ganó el gran debate, Arthur y Nuriel?
¿Comprarías mucho dinero ahora, Alts ahora? .

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  1. Beware of shitcoins and choose some promising projects like Telecoin and multiply.

  2. I'll call it bs till i really see it happened :), talkin is cheap. Its sept already

  3. JoeTube dice:

    21:42 "Buy low, then even lower and then sell at the bottom."

  4. BNB is an unregistered security.

  5. B Blacks dice:

    Guys use my Electroneum code 577A5C❤️🚀🚀🚀

  6. Guilt Azaour dice:

    so cnbc cannot fins anyone else, that at least speaks some english

  7. Oxbig 951 dice:

    All in on scam coins imo

  8. I invite both you Cryptomanran and CZ for hotpot in Chongqing

  9. Glen Warnes dice:

    Excellent intro music. Debate was good, too. 😉

  10. Dr. Mike dice:

    Rubini was an Ass and just because u repeatedly same something does Not make it true! Loser!

  11. OutOfSite dice:

    27:31 since when the highly academically educated ppl can't be vulgar n swear at same time ** same fucking language usage ** just some words are decided by "someone" to be obscene for some reason while they're very often borrowed/taken from other languages n transformed to other ** if u, buddy, speak at least a couple of foreign languages, than perhaps you'd see it differently * u can be educated n possess a huge vocab, but still chose to use foul language in certain situations ** those are also sound more expressive n give more sound to the feelings of ppl ** simple Latin/italian term of "curva" (can be spelled "kurva/kurwa" whore in english) can expresses someone of certain character as "diverting from the commonly accepted" ** romanian, russian, polish, hungarian, bulgarian, etc kurva=whore is considered vulgar expression but not necessarily used for expressing always exactly the same meaning in the conversation ** danish/german "kurven" same like italian means "curve", etc.

  12. KarimKiss dice:

    Next time take Erik Vorhees vs Roubini, Erik will tear Roubini into chooped pieces 🙂

  13. R James dice:

    Big news re NFL team Miami Dolphins 🐬 and Łitecoin partnership. Cointelegraph has article - Good show as usual👌

    UFC fighters, Glory kickboxing league, International Soccer Stars, Pop stars, and now Miami Dolphins. 🐬 ‘Use’ means increased demand, mining reward halving leads to reduced supply. Result should be greater use and price🏌️‍♂️

  14. Rof Lhard dice:

    100x leverage is a suicidal level of leverage. Arthur Hayes, I hope you can live with yourself.

  15. Chris L dice:

    why dont you fix your shit exchange overload issues with all that money your puling in arthur

  16. Moon Fitito dice:

    artur hayes reading a telepronter?

  17. sharkie dice:

    same vid (please put repeat in title to avoid time wasting)

  18. Moka hless dice:

    The original version of this uploaded yesterday included clips from the debate. The new version contains nothing. What is going on?

  19. Isn’t this the same video posted like 3 times in a row?!!

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