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  1. The Moon dice:

    The charting program I use:
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    1:00 Bitcoin
    5:53 BTC Untouched
    8:16 Norwegian
    9:08 Libra Vs. BTC
    10:57 Satoshi
    11:41 US Treasury Vs. BTC
    12:36 BTC To $42,000?!

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    ► Bybit Tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4dnIDz1NLuw
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  2. G S dice:

    😂😂😂😂😂 this aged like a bag of shite

  3. Joe Hawk dice:

    Invest in at least one Bitcoin 2 👍

  4. donald clint dice:

    i made over 4btc from hacktivistworld .com

  5. Great analysis!. Great value 🙏🏾 thank you

  6. Dude, you are such a click-baiter... it’s kind of ridiculous.

  7. Shaz Wap dice:

    Buy "Bitcoiin (B2G)" cloud mining tokens from Coinbene exchange in just 170 sat. Price will go up soon. Good buy...

  8. Farmer Jimmy dice:

    Scratch the back of my sack 🚀

  9. Jayaraj J dice:

    நீங்களும் தொழிலதிபர் தான்.
    லட்சங்கள் தேவையில்லை.
    சில ஆயிரங்கள் போதும்!!! உங்கள் உழைப்பே மூலதனம்.
    முழுமையான நிரந்தர அழிவில்லாத தொழில் வாய்ப்பு.

    எங்களுடன் இணைந்து சொந்த தொழில் பகுதி நேரமாகவோ / முழு நேரமாகவோ செய்ய
    ஆர்வமுள்ளவர்கள் தேவை.

    21 ம் நூற்றாண்டின் புதிய தொழில்நுட்பத்தில் இணையுங்கள்.

    மேலும் விவரங்களுக்கு 7904512029

  10. THE SOURCE dice:

    With Mnuchin’s quotes,
    It makes you wonder what fearful vision of the future he has for himself

    Is he speaking the words of his demons, through what appears a human vessel

  11. THE SOURCE dice:

    Thanks for sharing!!! 😆👌

    Beware all,
    Certain government agencies have operated under the guise of “government” names

    We, the people, are open to receive monies of all forms, including the US Dollar & National Currencies 💸

    We cannot be forced to receive the monies they value, we have a choice, and we often say yes, because why not?! People do choose to receive the monies from us... we keep it flowing.

    The abundant world we are creating, all are invited to receive all the abundant forms of monies, of exchange 👍

    Any operatives/ agencies that are seeking to take monies / value from anyone, that is an act of war upon the people of planet Earth

    We are a high class of species, Human... and there are entities that need our energy to continue to exist in this world/ this realm

    It is important that we starve these entities 💕

    Hold strong, my family,
    We are in the final moments of clearing all that does not serve,
    & stepping into our destinies; as people, planet, & all life forms therein 🌎

  12. high side dice:

    man if my btc goes to 46k ill be able to afford that coke habit iv been wanting to start

  13. Invasion dice:

    Big pump is on going!! Buy now!!

  14. Problem for me is I don't have much to invest. So I'm literally needing it to drop really low so I can get at least half a coin 😂😂😂

  15. Truce dice:

    We probably will fill that last gap before we go up again

  16. dont believe these kind of news . 42000 usd till 2019 how guarantied? how you guarantie not dump to 5000 at the end of 2019? These price predictions all noncence. All these kind of news only to catch being popular only to say i told you before . Ignore.

  17. Víctor dice:

    You’re just so fucking biased. Every time I watch your videos it makes me wanna throw up. Fuck you.

  18. RigoRocks23 dice:

    Us treasury secretary says "I hate bitcoin,I wont be buying bitcoin" as he is logged into coinbase pro buying the dip.
    I believe it was bank of America executives said the same thing,turns out they had a mining rig setup since 2015 in their office lol

  19. Bitcoin will never go beyond 12k for years. And that bybit is a scam . I got burned everytime i contracted with them . And they wont let you withdraw . Im out of crypto completely now as i am sick of losing my money on it ., Good luck with it going to 350 k . Huh what a joke never in your life will it do that . All that talk is just to get suckers to buy the crap

  20. The Clips dice:

    Have you ever been to Malmo?

  21. Lucas Breda dice:

    I'm really happy I got 3btc from hacker Vaughn on whatapp +17314838389

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