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    50 Comentarios recientes

  1. sunny decree dice:

    Bybit Bonus: https://www.bybit.com/app/register?ref=RPyME

    Bybit Tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Q0E171KXFM
    TV Premium (Volume Profile): https://tradingview.go2cloud.org/aff_c?offer_id=2&aff_id=12339

  2. J Dizzle dice:

    in the world of promoting bitcoin through youtube videos, i would love to see these you tubers bitcoin stash and see when they sold off their bitcoin for real cash!
    I’m guessing they took their initial investment out in cash so now they are playing with house money. i don’t think they don’t really care if bitcoin makes it they just don’t want to see their gravy train end.


  3. bapluda dice:

    I say it's gonna go back to 3000. hahaha

  4. OMG!!!
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  5. Tim Crowe dice:

    The worst part is SOE was told it was going to happen and did nothing.

  6. Tim Crowe dice:

    I remember when SOE got haked, I was so mad I couldn't play Star Wars galaxies for 2 weeks.

  7. Tim Crowe dice:

    Can this system be hacked like every other system in history?

  8. Tim Crowe dice:

    If I have a quantum computer can I take all the lost money in cyberspace?

  9. Tim Crowe dice:

    I don't get it, everyone tells me how good it it but all I see is lost money

  10. Magnus Hodge dice:

    Coinsfix com is the best .I trade bitcoins at their site at better speed and without ID verification .

  11. Aquazone dice:

    what about the gap tha is at $11,800?... still not filled yet... I think we are in the deep so I'll buy this discount.. we have a +Divergency in H4... next sop $9000

  12. I think there is general lack of interest compared to 2017 because people are not buying bitcoin to get hold of rocketing alt coins

  13. Jayson Cloud dice:

    Pokemon cards and Crypto. My 2 favorite investments. HODLING both! No stress here 🙂

  14. I bought crypto to get super rich in the shortest amount of time and I'm butthurt that that plan didn't work out.

  15. This may be of interest to someone

  16. Endles dice:

    Hi my friends, Bitcoin is really influential. I know the Tokoin project. But with the current market situation, it is difficult for bitcoin. After the yesterday’s market correction most of the tokens launched via IEO have lost 20-40% of its value. Updated chart with current return on investment of the major IEO platforms and the tokens launched.

  17. joe blow dice:

    The real reason bitcoin dropped is because too many people are long.

  18. hi if u tk the lows of juli and the last one, I c a bullflag! what do u think

  19. DJS Squibbs dice:

    none of the 'T.A.' matters. Jaja

  20. Try Utopia ecosystem, you will like it!

  21. TheHotcrumbs dice:


  22. Sunny what is the 5 alts? Turn into 5mil

  23. This why TA is useless. The people using TA can always explain what happened never what is going to happen. Nobody can tell the future from charts no matter how colourful and fancy.

  24. Adam E dice:

    Out of BTC and waiting for the Stegos launch. The market is too sketchy, might as well get it while its hot!

  25. Lil' Horn dice:

    Wow!! I live in the state of Little Rock Arkansas and I am under the impression that I am trying to catch a falling knife. I will just have to wait to see how this will turn out. I can't keep purchasing bitcoin when I don't understand where the bottom is. Lets see what happens tomorrow.

  26. Wes Tahau dice:

    Markets go up and down that’s life, take a look at your self over analysing and fretting over every move, go out side for a walk or something bud.

  27. Must confess i wasn't prepared for people's ignorance. I know about the quantum computing since the mid 90's when I read an article published by IEEE Computer Magazine, i still have it. Why always do people believe things are created by Google??? Things are created by accademia, thus well-known to all of us. No secret about quantum computers buddy!
    I must conclude then someone deliberately uses old facts as news to manipulate people or the market... or maybe one of those journalists that doesn't know what he writes about, most of them I'd say.

    Once, i heard a guy say "Google is creating the autonomous car", No! Google hired Sebastian Trun a Germany professor from Stanford university that followed the work that was being developed by others since the 70s, which allowed Stanford to win the DARPA challenge in 2006 or 2007, don't remember exactly.

    Quantum computers will not be for stealing your credit card, hacking your bank account or stealing your bitcoins, that already happens without quantum computers, which after all, are minor concerns if you think that then also could be used by terrorists to access US nuclear weapons. So clear your mind guys about the different layers that constitute a system. If you still worry, be aware that algorithms to protect us from a quantum computer attack would be ready as near as 2022, that is a human life before a quantum computer will be available outside very costly research labs.

  28. I've lost too much already, I don't feel any pain anymore. Still very optimistic forward

  29. Thank you sunny for your hard and honest work to keep us informed, Bakkt of no Bakkt I wouldn't sell my Bitcoins, I will hold them surly for the next 5 years.

  30. Ron Burgandy dice:

    Seriously, you make the best and most logical videos 👍👍
    Keep up the awesome work

  31. Zuver dice:

    1 Reason. Supply>Demand

  32. Scott H dice:

    Looks like the moon boy has run out of rocket fuel 😉

  33. People making money off manipulating Bitcoin every time someone watches a video the manipulators get pay and we end up losing so I'll just wait until Bitcoin hit a all time high instead of listening to people constantly saying Bitcoin bout to take off then it crashes

  34. No one knows near price valuation.

  35. Cid Sapient dice:

    some of those big drops in the early bull market was from chinese regulations
    but i suppose u could just correlate this with current regulations from the sec

  36. Neil Simon dice:

    Sunny. The voice of reason

  37. brandon21201 dice:

    Way to much stress out there.. it's nothing more than buy the rumour, and selling on the news. This is nothing new really. Great watch though 👌

  38. Kyle V dice:

    The new bakkt boys I shake my head at. Why would an institutional trader buy when everyone is net long. They would push the dominos over. Collapse the weak hands then buy the carnage

  39. Alex 1111 dice:

    Bitcoin is not going to zero, but 1.2k BTC is in the cards

  40. Lukas G dice:

    look how many bitcoin the richest addresses have... we have a long way to drop still

  41. How about $1 million bitcoin still possible? If yes, lets down to $1k first shall we.

  42. I’m calling this a flash sale

  43. @sunny I think another reason is just stop-sell orders in place below the trendline

  44. Folks, nothing to be concerned about. Just a valuation correction. Look at net retention. It was the case of buy the rumor sell the news with Bakkt.

  45. Mark dice:

    That volume spike may not be longs coming in, it could be the shorts taking profits and holding a portion of their short position at this level in hopes that it moves lower. We don't know.

  46. Sunny just curious When did you started to invest in Bitcoin?

  47. I just heard someone dumped 1.4 billion last night into an exchange which caused the crash.

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