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  2. Hold on for dear life…..what do you fuckers think that means….these markets are volatile and they go down (like your mothers) just the same as the go up, so if you can’t stand the heat get your Asssssss out of the fucking hot tub biotches. I’ll kick anyone ass that wants to black Savy for anything

  3. These price swings don’t bother me like they used to. I do believe Bitcoin will stay somewhere close to the stock to flow model (which shows price around 7 to 8K). At the halving, it shows us around 50 to 60k. That’s less than a year away! Be patient! We will be vindicated. Until then, our friends and family are not gonna miss a chance to hate on us.

  4. I love your channel and I have started investing in June of this year only and I have learned a lot already, thanks to your channel! I basically understand the chart and I say history repeat itself! 😉 interesting! keep it up CS! and I cannot believe no one claim the beautiful sign yet!

  5. Hay Savy we will stay above 8k and time to by or no lower than 7800.00 I think we not gong lower but we need to stay above 8k we did fill the CME I was sitting there for a long time and there is another 1 at the 11000. range we dropped 2 a 53% retrace im buying and if BTC where to crash I think the 6500.000 woulds be the low. Just my thinking SPOT on video Savy !!!

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