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    LTC: 9:01
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  2. Upward pressure WILL breakthrough very soon! I'm watching LTC as the leader of the pack, this is going to be an exciting ride!! Love Crypto Savy…emotionally anchored; not tossed to and fro; the calm in the midst of the storm!

  3. so you believe once we hit around 81 we will go back and retest around 75 level ? It looks like LTC is making gains over last few days while BTC is staying at around10250… in next 2 -4 days i expect BTC to move like you say… thinking ltc still won't go below $65 range anymore… IF EOY hits over $500 for ltc that would be fantastic! well have to see… Anything can happen it was under $30 10 months ago and $146 mid June… If only there was a crystal ball for this stuff…

  4. I need to join the discord but I've been so busy at work I've been off of there for awhile. Love your daily updates. Lately I've been keeping my eye on the 50 day MA. Once we can hold 4% over that for a couple days we should break out.. But I am hoping we break down one more time.. On the other hand we can only go down so much – While volume is low whales are holding more BTC than ever before. Not long there will be a permanent pricing floor of $11,000. Look at Silver too – $18!! People are storing money!

  5. Everyone, mark your calendars for Thursday, October 10th, as we will be having Cleveland, Ohio's largest Bitcoin event at the Thirsty Dog from 5:30 to 7:30pm on the East Bank of the Flats! Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert, Peter McCormick, Crypto Zombie and Crypto Savvy! First drink is on the house. Message me for more details!

  6. I’m pretty sure someone has already said so but I’m just gonna throw it anyways. When you go into the first chart the whole history of bitcoin comparing 2011-12 into 2017-2018-2019 #3 in 2012 doesn’t look like it goes higher than #1 in 2011. Just a comment not necessarily has to obey that pattern

  7. Thanks for your time and efforts. CME crash BTC when it was at 20'000 because everybody was bullish to 100'000. Now Baakt will do the opposite because everbody who miss the train at 3'000 are bearish for buying BTC cheaper. Psychology ahahahah. Have a nice day

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